Illegal? Unethical?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The video below was posted to Tari Renner for Mayor Facebook.

The guy in this video is Arthur Haynes, a convicted felon who Tari appointed to the Bloomington Housing Authority Board in May of 2015.  See the list of Board members here:

According to this Pantagraph article, Haynes was convicted of driving on a suspended or revoked license for the third time.  He had previously been convicted of unlawful use of a weapon:

Haynes added this description to the video on his Facebook page:

Been out spreading the word about the upcoming elections, putting up yard signs and registering voters for the past two weeks. And one thing that I can say is. West Bloomington supports our mayor. #CHARMInc #WestsidePride  #February28th  #GetRegistered

Tari added this comment when he copied it to his page:

You’re awesome Arthur ! Thank you so much!

One problem is Haynes is wearing a City of Bloomington lanyard.  Haynes is campaigning for Renner using his official capacity.  On the State level this activity is illegal.  Local governments can make their own rules, but it appears Bloomington doesn’t have any.  It’s always been implied that City resources can not be used for campaigns.  You can’t campaign with City letterhead or use City postage.  It should have been obvious that a City employee shouldn’t be out as a representative of both the City and a particular candidate.

From Tari’s comments, he didn’t have a problem with Haynes violating ethics, written or unwritten.  Worse, Haynes wants people to email him so he can register them to vote.

The real problem is voter intimidation and abuse of power.  Ask yourself how you would feel if somebody comes to your house with a White House badge in 3 years carrying a Trump sign for your yard?  There isn’t any difference between a White House representative and a guy wearing a City ID!

Since Mr Haynes talks about registering voters, a citizen – Bruce Meeks – asked the Bloomington Election Commission if My Haynes is a Deputy Registrar.

Here is the email he just received from the Bloomington Election Commission:

regEvidently, as least part of what Haynes was doing is illegal!

6 thoughts on “Illegal? Unethical?

  1. Nice one. Appoint a felon to public office, have him campaign with his public identification around his neck, and campaign while a registrar for voting. Typical criminal activity this mayor apparently supports. “NIOT” lol

  2. I don’t know WHAT IS WORSE? This guy getting signatures for Tari OR the letter to the editor in the pantagraph from Jesse Smart endorsing Tari for mayor—felon vs should be felon!

  3. As a Normal resident, I’m baffled at how many other Normal residents have “Renner for Mayor” signs in their yards.

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