Spin machine is spinning!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Celebrate!  Tari is returning from his “medical related” leave October 1st.  Just like everything the City of Bloomington does, his return will have NO Transparency.  Does he still have his government credit card?  If he does, Freedom of Information Act requests are about to spike!

Remember the citizen survey a few weeks ago?  The results are in – Almost 80% think Tari Renner should resign!

Alderman Hauman let the City’s Coliseum strategy slip last night:



Hauman  “forgot” the City was ready to resign CIAM to manage the Coliseum.

Remember Tari’s shock when the negotiations suddenly fell apart?

That was 2016!

Expect more fact-challenged statements soon.  They will be vigorously working to deflect from their incompetence.  The leftist media is conspiring to defend them.

The Council failed to work for the people forced to pay for their nonsense.  The only mention of the Coliseum last night was by citizens.  The aldermen were obviously instructed to keep their mouths shut.

Elections are by Ward in Bloomington so your representative lives in your neighborhood.  The NINE currently elected have chosen to represent the City – not you.

More on last night’s Council fleece soon!

See all the survey results HERE




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