UPDATE: David Hales needs fired today!

Listen to the interview here:  http://www.wjbc.com/2017/09/26/bloomington-officials-react-to-alleged-arena-fraud/


By:  Diane Benjamin

Of course the Council will do nothing to David Hales for extreme S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g of the truth this morning on WJBC.

Of course Scott Laughlin didn’t know enough facts to confront him.

When a podcast is created I will add it to this story.

Hales wasted most of the interview talking about the Coliseum audits.  He neglected to say CONCESSIONS were NEVER included in the $40,000 audit.

Concessions fell under BMI Concessions – a separate company John Butler created.  The taxpayers of Bloomington bought Point of Sale equipment for over $100,000 to track concessions.  David Hales NEVER looked at concession reports.  The City of Bloomington stood with CIAM against me when I filed a lawsuit to get the reports.  I hope Judge Foley is happy with herself for dismissing my case after more than a year on un-explainable grounds.

It’s difficult to hold government accountable when the media doesn’t know the facts.  Or maybe Scott Laughlin was in on the deflection of guilt.  Either way, more Fake News.


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15 thoughts on “UPDATE: David Hales needs fired today!

      1. Oh and yes he needs firing today – no notice, no nothing just pack up his plates and silverware and his little binders and tablets/ipads etc and send him on his way, point him toward Joliet and give him a little push to get him going. See if he can bring a friend and Tarry can go with him since he’s all better now.

  1. Well as usual Hales and Renner are not telling the complete truth. I think this might be the time for them both to resign this week. Might help Renner in any plea agreement if the allegation of “floating” a loan of public funds becomes a reality. Wonder how long will it be before they inform on the others?

    1. Hopefully Renner’s ship of corrupt rats will all go down together. Can we throw the bicycle jerks on that ship too?

  2. as good as inside men for ciam management bunch ..hales and terry both failed in their civic duty and responsibility to safeguard city property and insure everything was legit and proper . they used the city , funds and the council like most sell outs do , let things go on and avoided from looking like mistakes were perhaps made .. Smart people never make mistakes or ignore issues .. till it rears its ugly head and then they run from the truth before it can bite them .. .

    1. Lol, management, management. Hales you were the manager, the city manager with oversight. Council you too are responsible. This is a PERFECT example as to why government should refrain from creating and overseeing the management of these types of venues. Geesh, let the private sector do it and the private sectors expense. The lot of you (council) should be tarred and feathered.

    2. I’ll say it again, they ALL look like someone you would hire if you wanted someone to disappear or wanted to pull off a big heist… oh… wait a minute, that’s exactly what they did but I don’t think they were hired for that. Wouldn’t that be just delicious if some of the oh so high and mighty city people were in on the action too?

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