Last night’s Comedy Show

By: Diane Benjamin

Below are some clips from last nights Bloomington City Council meeting.   The comedy show started with the Alderman’s names being incorrect on the board that shows the votes.  Bloomington 101 had changed them to their participants, but nobody bothered to change them back. Every vote reflected names of people not on the Council.  One voice vote was taken, one vote had only Alderman Lower voting no, all other votes were unanimous.

Just hit play, the video is cued and ready to be watched.

Alderman Joni Painter:

The library needs an increase because in 2008 when the economy crashed people were lined up to use the computers.  She thinks the library needs the money so they are ready for the next crash.

Alderman Scott Black:

Scott’s vision for the City:  Big Bold Visionary plans for a combined City Hall, Library, and Civic Center so citizens can take full advantage of government services.  City buildings need “adjusted”.  Note to Scott:  This is why government officials can’t work together.  Bold and visionary is NOT the job of government.  The last time Bloomington tried it a Coliseum was born.  How’s that working?


Mayor Tari Renner

Tari claims the City is doing the same job with 100 fewer employees – from 850 to 750.  See this post:  In 2014 the number of Full and Part time employees reported to the State was 635.  Now Bloomington has 750 Tari?



Alderman Amelia Buragus:

About the resolution demanding the State pay Connect Transit:  All citizens need to demand payment to keep this essential service operating.  (“Eventually you run out of other people’s money” is a foreign concept)

More on the meeting next






  1. Hello Amelia…wake up and smell the coffee you left wing nut,goody two shoes, soccer mom , barrister! The State of Illinois isn’t going to pay SQUAT. Get it? They aren’t paying vendors for services already rendered and materials/work completed. The state is financially hurting but hey, facts like that don’t matter to people like you. Connect needs to cut wasteful spending, maximize efficiencies, and develop growth in utilization.

    Besides technology, math is not one of Tari Renners best skills either. Just look back on his performance with the fiscal budgets under his reign. On the the hand he might be faking us out too because his greatest skill is lying to the public. He makes Hillary look like a Camp Fire Girl at times. At Public Comment I was surprised when he blew off the comment about campaign signs being posted more than 90 days before an election. As pointed out, Tari has been posting his election signs within the last few weeks- way before the earliest possible date of Dec. 1 under our City Ordinance. One word think the City Mayor would follow a City Ordinance. Nope, not Professor Mayor. He’s slicker than Slick Willie. He’ll hide and lie while at the same time boasting that he’s the most honest and transparent mayor on gods green earth. He awards stupidity and incompetence when it comes to a David Hales performance. DAVID HALES NEGLIGENCE HAS CAUSED THE TAXPAYERS A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY. The entire debacle at the Coloseum could of been avoided had he been awake at the wheel. Diane has pointed out several other screw ups caused by his negligence.

    Question for Scotty, as for your visions of a Naperville like Community Center. As a public official, are you required to take a drug test? I’d really like to know. If not, you should because you’re obviously high on something! Are you serious? The citizens have been taxed enough without you thinking of burdening them with another huge non essential project. Do yourself a favor, keep it simple. Focus on basic services and needs vs wants. It might hep if you get rid of the Dobie Gilles look. Dumb down the look, ease back on appearing “smart”.

    Joni, glad you found something you could utter a few words too. LBravo!

    Ald. Haumann, You have a very hard time articulating anything beyond your name. Wild arm movements and hand gestures is not sign language. Please try and put your thoughts together before you speak. Speakly clearly , use good diction, and try not to stammer and ramble.


  2. News flash to Joni Painter. When the economy crashed in 2008, we had a line at the door waiting for the library to open because it’s a place for the homeless population of Bloomington to hang out during the day. It’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Not much has changed at the Bloomington Public Library since. Painter is certain tough economic times are ahead of us, but instead of tightening her belt on the Bloomington City Council, she thinks she’s got the answer with more money going to the library.


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