Dismissing Alderman Lower?

(You are still waiting for the 2 stories!)

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last week I posted a story about a consultant hired to help the Council evaluate David Hales:  https://blnnews.com/2016/06/22/bloomington-another-consultant/

The consultant sent an email to the Council – see the addresses:

crutchKaren Schmidt is Ward 6 – she got the email twice.

Missing is WARD 1 – Kevin Lower

I’m sure the oversight was an accident!  The only Alderman who strongly opposed the Hales salary increase wasn’t included in the email.  Yep, an accident.




6 thoughts on “Dismissing Alderman Lower?

      1. Caring or being careful would require all were included. Doesn’t the new Value Statement contain the word “inclusive?” Help!! I can’t breathe…

  1. It is obvious the only way we are going to make any substantive changes on this city council is one member at a time. I have been talking for some time to a young man about challenging Scott Black for the ward 7 seat. This man was a small business owner who lost his business due to constant delays on the West Market street over pass being closed. This young man is an honest hard worker who was deceived continually by Heals and Rasmussen. It is obvious to me that the only way we are gong to rid the city of Tone Deaf Tari and his band of scary liberals is one seat at a time. Blacks’ seat could be had pretty easy but the problem is not many people are interested in running for a seat in that ward. I urge any concerned resident to look diligently for perspective candidates that share real conservative values and if you think they make a good representative, talk to them about running. I firmly believe there are enough pissed off citizens with the current council that every seat up for grabs this year could be changed. Just my thought and I am going to do my best to get rid of these elitist phonies.

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