Sorry BLM, it wasn’t a “peaceful” protest

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tuesday night Uptown Galleries knew protestors were gathering outside.  I didn’t count the group but at least 20 people lined both sides of the doors as people left.

I saw NO police.

Previous debates did have officers present.  Why would the Town of Normal allow this group to gather outside the debate and not have any police presence?  Chris Koos was present and needs to explain why.

The people causing the trouble are now claiming it was a peaceful protest.  They are the ones who shot video of the protest including mayor Renner dancing with them.  The video posted online isn’t complete.  They decided not to include the attack on Bruce Meeks’ truck.

I obtained the 911 call proving these people were not peaceful.  Metcom answered my FOIA the SAME DAY I filed it.  It also proves Chris Koos saw what was happening and did nothing to stop the blocking of a truck and banging on the windows.  A picture of the truck was included in this story from yesterday:

Make sure you listen to the entire audio, the first half doesn’t have the entire story.  I had to tape the audio from my cell phone in order to upload it.  It’s only 54 seconds long.




  1. Your bestie boo says:

    It was a female officer, blonde hair. You were gone by the time she showed. And before they posed for pictures in front of the truck. I did not see Satan at any point.


  2. Hail Satan


  3. A peaceful protest!!?? I’ve ALWAYS had a hard time coming to grips with HOW that works. I’ve seen a FEW, but usually when people are worked up to the point of “protest” they are fueled by anger, which mounts in groups-the larger the more gasoline involved.
    Kent state, Chicago Democratic Convention, Tiananmen Square, Bastille, they probably ALL started out peaceful, but turned into a conflagration!
    Do the police cars still read “To serve and PROTECT”??
    I’d be more inclined to LISTEN to what peaceful protesters have to say rather then the usual knuckleheads with a bullhorn or a bon fire.


  4. The dirty little secret is that both Koos and Renner have worked very hard to replace city employees who were public servants with hardcore Leftists who share their Marxist agendas. It would not surprise me if citizen’s voter registrations and campaign contributions are being checked to determine the quality of government services (or government harassment) they will receive. I have heard rumors. Wake Up, People!


  5. mittenpaws says:

    I wonder what the ordinances in Normal say about proximity to an entrance during a protest. Smoking is not allowed within 15 feet. Ordinary citizens being encircled by people with placards while having flyers thrust at them is not appropriate at the entrance of an establishment. The sidewalk was blocked to pedestrians. There should have been a police presence to at least ensure safety for pedestrians.


  6. This will all be a hazy, irrelevant memory after Renner trounces Lower. Right or wrong, Renner is better organized, has more money, and has the edge today, just as he did during the primary.


    • court jester says:

      No Bob, he’s not going to trounce Lower and you know it or you and your returded siblings would not be on this site spreading so much trash. I predict a close race and I predict a new mayor in Bloomington and Normal. Just like the people woke up on a national level and soundly defeated the Hildabeast, it’s time for you and your ilk to lose again. This court jester is laughing out loud at all your posts.


  7. You’re trying so hard! You’ll get us next time.


  8. PeacefulProtestorTurnedSatanist says:

    Hail Satan! lolz.


    • sticky bean says:

      Lyzz, how many names do you have? The one man army fighting for Satan and Renner at the same time. Not surprised. Birds of a feather, stick together.


      • That ain’t me- I just go by my name cuz I have nothing to hide. That must be one of my satanic lesbian bimbos acting on their own accord.


  9. You people are DEPRAVED. And until you meet your “Maker” (as we ALL will when we die) may God The Heavenly Father have mercy on your twisted souls.

    Keep up the good word Diane!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Elizabeth Gruber says:

    Stand tall Diane. Can only hope the taxpayers have seen all the facts you have presented over the years and realize that yes votes do matter. Both towns are going into financial abyss if we don’t change the city councils.


  11. Is this what people are really like in the town? Damn…how have we become so disconnected from one another?


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