Satan Tari?

By:  Diane Benjamin

For months Tari Renner supporters have attacked Kevin Lower and me with vile tweets and posts on Facebook.  They claim they aren’t doing anything in support of Tari Renner.  This comment left on my site proves they are lying:

I doubt the media will report the facts, but how depraved do Tari supporters have to be before the media asks questions?

Last night Black Lives Matter held a protest outside the debate in Uptown.  Funny how a lot of white people make up Black Lives Matter.  I thought BLM doesn’t believe All Lives Matter!  They handed out contrived Kevin Lower comments and admitted they are associated with the Facebook group “Bloomington Deserves Better Than Kevin Lower”.

At the end of the debate an even larger group formed lines on both sides of the door forcing the public to walk through their conga line.  Chris Koos was right inside the door and did nothing.  Tari Renner danced with them as he left:

This group surrounded a vehicle with Kevin Lower signs on it and kept it from proceeding.  Chris Koos walked in front of the truck while the a Tari supporter banged the glass.  A 911 call was made by the driver, I am going to FOIA it.  This pic shows them closing in on the truck, the video stops before showing them blocking it:

All of this isn’t the worst part.  In the last few weeks, these Renner supporters have made frequent comments about satan.  I have no problem saying Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior AND satan has been defeated.  I do have a problem with my religion and Christian values being attacked.  These same satanic anarchists started a Facebook page called:  Diane Benjamin’s Satanic Children’s Choir.

These are the people who follow Tari everywhere, booing and hissing during debates against Lower – even though WGLT banned noise from the crowd they did it anyway last night.  They did the same during the Cities 92.9 debate.

Tari Renner has been silent!

Are these your brown-shirts Tari?

Do you agree with their satanic views Tari?  You were dancing with them last night!

Below is another comment left on this site:

Tari:  Are you going to disavow your satanic followers and their comments?

I’m sure you would make it a campaign issue if Lower supporters did the same!

Tari, your comments about me attacked my Christian values.  At last night’s debate you continued to claim I attacked your son.  Where was the attack?  Your claims sound exactly like your satan followers!  The citizens of Bloomington deserve an answer Tari!

Where do you stand?


12 thoughts on “Satan Tari?

  1. Liberal snowflakes. It’s so sad that they are so weak that they feel the need to speak their wrong opinions. Even sadder that their opinions are different than ours. They are probably Nazis because of that. They need to stop living in sin and let Jesus take the wheel.


    1. Liberal snowflakes? Yet this site is a full of people like you complaining, “Oh no, they are protesting” “Oh no, they made fun of my Lord and Savior” “Oh no, not fair to Kevin Lower” ” “Oh no, remember that comment Tari left on my site?” This site is just full of thin skinned, keyboard warriors. Deleting people when they don’t agree with you. That is how you create an echo chamber. You never let in other thoughts or opinions. If anyone is a delicate snowflake, it is Diane and the sheep on this site.

      This is just a complaint blog, these protesters were at least doing something, engaging in the political process in some way. Do you have a heater in your home Diane, or do you stay warm due to all the hot air you spew. You say all other news is Fake just like the President/Kremlin – Agent Orange. Pantagraph, WJBC/WGLT, is all “Fake News” because it does not match you opinion.

      This blog and many of its commentators are so funny. Many of you should try talking to and meeting others with different backgrounds then your own. I am guessing many of you never spoke to an African American, unjustly accosted by the police. Or someone who has had racist comments hurled at them. Such a narrow worldview many of you had.

      Watch out Diane, maybe Tari is spying on you through your Microwave!!!


      1. I guess you don’t stop by often enough to know what really happens here. I’ve always found if you do what an officer says you don’t get accosted. They were always present at every TEA Party event. We had an IRS demonstration a couple of years ago and Homeland Security showed up. Going up to law enforcement and shaking hands goes a long way toward defusing situations. I wonder how many of the “abused” ever thought to do that.


  2. Much of progressive social “science is formed by confirmation bias, “scholarship” which begins by establishing a premise and then working too discover “data” and uncover “evidence” which supports it. Accordingly, sociology is a “science” much like astrology is.

    The following statement is from the administrator of the Bloomington Deserves Better… Facebook page:
    “We prefer to use Occam’s razor with regard to Kevin Lower’s post:”'s_razor

    Now you can see how enlightened progressives are.


  3. Well then, Since the FEWEST “assumptions” wins (and we ALL know about assumptions) Then I’m thinking these folks are crack pots and since they LOVE Tari. They MUST be the ones who disrupt OUR civil liberties by being so vocal! So I’m “thinking” LOWER the CIVIL candidate!
    Same kind of folks that would ask Butch Cassidy or the Sundance Kid WHY he don’t keep money in banks after he just held it up!


  4. I had a vision of the Devil once and let me tell you HE IS REAL …… If Mayor Renner wants to get together with a bunch of black devil-worshippers on weeknights that’s his perogative, but let me also tell you: NOT IN OUR TOWN!!!! (Get it??) It’s just SICK that people would vote for someone like this. Have they been drinking the “transparency” Kool-Aid??


  5. You are an embarrassment to this community with your vile hatred and racist beliefs. You are NOT a Christian. You give the religion a bad name. I hope you find goodness in your heart some day, you sad sad, small, worthless woman.


  6. You would be surprised how many people in this town worship the devil. It isn’t even secretive! They meet in groups like Black Lives Matter, that silly new feminist group (Hand?Something like that), NIOT. It’s all a cover. They just try and push their agenda so they can start bringing people into their cult. Talking about logic, exposing racism, bettering the town. It’s all for Satan!!!!


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