Questions that won’t be asked

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight is the 5 person League of Women Voters/WGLT mayoral debate.  It won’t be as informative as the DoubleTree debate because of who is asking the questions and 5 candidates answering them.  I predict only 5 or 6 questions will be asked since opening and closing statements will take up much of […]

Last night’s Aldermen debate

by:  Diane Benjamin If you missed the WGLT/League of Women Votes debate last night, you can listen to it here: Participating in the debate were: Current Aldermen – Sage (unopposed), Schmidt (unopposed), Hauman (Ward 8), Painter (Ward 5) Candidates:  Franklin (Ward 8), Diaz (Ward 5) Ward 4 candidates debated previously, so they didn’t participate. This budget […]