Crabill’s illogical logic

By: Diane Benjamin

Evidently the leftists on the Council want to use media to get their choice for Ward 6 alderman. WGLT has now done two stories, the latest after Jeff Crabill posted to Facebook over the weekend:

Jenn couldn’t find a single place in her Ward to live! Not buying it. It is much more likely she knew nothing she backed would be approved by the rest of the Council because:

Every candidate she backed in the last election lost.

There is ZERO reason to appoint one of Jenn’s buddies if the goal (as stated by Crabill) is to represent ALL people of the city.

Jeff, all people of the City spoke. No to Jenn, no to defunding the police, no to Social Justice with taxpayer dollars, no to socialism, and no to rabblerousing representatives.

You will find that out at the next election, if you decide to run.

I find it hilarious that some Aldermen have no problem leaking internal information to the press but refuse to be transparent with the people paying the bills. Hiding Executive Sessions minutes so people don’t know comments made behind closed doors is appalling for transparency. Leaking to the media to sway public opinion is just as appalling, thankfully you likely swayed the public away from anyone you would pick. Levi Champion is a huge No since Crabill supports him.

If you missed the WGLT story, Mboka is considering appointing Karen Schmidt to fill the rest of Carrillo’s term.

I suggest Mboka pick a more centrist candidate from the current list, let the Council vote them down, pick the second centrist, let the Council vote them down, then appointment the best person. That’s how you got their Mayor.

15 thoughts on “Crabill’s illogical logic

  1. “I will make their lives a living hell.” – Jenn Carrillo.
    Bloomington deserves representation that does NOT adhere to Jenn Carrillo’s standard of public service.

  2. Where to begin. First, there are no conservatives on the City Council. Sorry, Crabs, just because people don’t like Jenn or “their” politics, doesn’t mean they are conservative. (It means they’re rational.) Second, there is no obligation for the Mayor to appoint someone with the same political ideology or same anything as the Council member who vacated their seat nor too is there any obligation to appoint someone based on your straw poll of the likelihood the appointment would be confirmed. Third, Jenn had advanced notice and every opportunity to find a new place to live within her ward. To say it’s “no fault of their own” is completely disingenuous. Not only did Jenn have advanced notice, but as a renter, she also had to be aware of the potential for events such as the sale of the property, rent increases, and/or other modifications to the property. Since she didn’t make a huge stink about it, I suspect the lease agreement was ironclad in this regard. Also, if she’s as strongly supported by her constitutions as Jeff suggests surely she would be able to find a place to live in the Ward. Mboka recognizes the distractions of the far-left ideologues, and the harm they have caused Bloomington and its economy. I fully expect that he will appoint a mature person of a more moderate stripe.

  3. This is a great opportunity for the mayor to make a (positive) statement to the council and the community and clearly put the embarrassment of Jenn behind the city.

    Your suggested approach is correct Diane, the loser in the election should not be awarded the seat.

  4. And remember that Crabill voted against censure of Carrillo which means that “I will make their lives a living hell.” is an acceptable attitude and action for the next council member.

  5. Craybill did not “win” his seat. No one in his ward wanted to run except for Jeff. Jeff should get off his high horse that being elected means you share the values of the majority of those who live in your ward. I don’t see Jeff winning if someone were to run against him.

  6. Actually, Mboka got there because former Mayor Stockton and crew thought they could manage him. This was stated by a former alderman in conversation at the time. Glad to see at this point Mboka is a bit of his own man and not following all of the standard misguided managed protocol.

      1. What if the council made a rule that elections must have at least 51% participation in each ward before any new members are officially elected? Voting would continue for as long as it took.

  7. Jeff is JUST as bad as Carrillo and hopefully a candidate can be put up to run that has common sense. There is no rule about putting a “similar” person in ward 6 seat. Jeff knows this but likes to get his name out there for the looney left so that he can gain some support before next election cycle as he knows people are gunning to remove his lazy, obnoxious, and arrogant self from office. He would do well just not to run again.

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