Shouldn’t Chaplains know the Bible?

By: Diane Benjamin

Mollie Ward was originally appointed to the Council by Tari Renner to fill the seat vacated by Scott Black. WGLT did a story on her at the time:

That story included this pic of Mollie:

Yes, she is wearing a collar because she claims to be an Episcopal chaplain. Proving you can’t judge a minister by a collar, Mollie Ward participated in the March for abortion. The Pantagraph quoted her:

Evidently Mollie is a member of the church of feel good, the Bible isn’t required. Ward has to ignore verses like the below to think God approves of murdering babies in the womb:

Do you know anyone who knits Mollie? Think they like their work being destroyed in process?

I know women who are still haunted decades later by their “choice”. Mollie thinks it’s freedom. She also thinks we shouldn’t talk about it anymore. The Supreme Court should never have ruled on this issue, it should have been left to the states. Illinois wants tourism abortion, some states want to ban it. That is freedom Mollie. People would be free to move to a state where killing babies isn’t promoted by the clergy.

Mollie must not know the “just tissue” lie is totally debunked by ultrasound that wasn’t available when the Supreme Court ruled. It’s obviously human! We aren’t going to quit have conversations about it. Since my relationship with God is based on the Bible, I have no choice but to call out obvious false prophets. I hope Mollie appreciates her mother didn’t murder her.

One more question Mollie: Is it true you are the wife of Tari Renner’s boss?







11 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Chaplains know the Bible?

  1. Yes run from any church she is ministering too. She says she believes in choice to murder the innocent. I wonder if she believes in choice when it comes to vaccines?

  2. Mollie said woman of the cloth must not be wearing it for Jesus. You know how much He loves children, Mollie? So much so that He spoke quite a bit about it!! He also said it’s an abomination to take their lives. I would be very careful whose choice you are for. I’d be more concerned about the Creator and less concerned that your daughter will waste her first born and care only about the rest of her kids and spend the rest of her life wondering whether the trash baby made it into the shots the McLean County Health Department gives out.

  3. Sure they should know but it only fits in with today’s society they do not. We have politicians who do not know how to follow laws they wrote and college law students who don’t believe that in taking a student loan means they may have to actually pay it.

  4. No respect for this “lady of the cloth” at all. She promoted a false narrative about my family last year on social media. She helped make our lives hell for several months. While most days I try to be a good Christian, I also fail regularly. If she is a proclaimed clergyperson, then she should stay silent at best in terms of abortion. Separation of church and state, and oh yeah the Bible. Talk to one person that has suffered a miscarriage or gone through infertility and see what they think about abortions. Just “cells” my ass. Just tissue, shut up. I saw the heartbeat of my boys at 5 weeks. Not the heartbeat of cells or tissue. The heartbeats of my two beautiful boys.

  5. In many cases, the title of “professor” is meaningless at IWU. The title is awarded to adjuncts, bachelor and master degree holders. It is not necessary to hold an actual doctorate degree and teach at IWU for you to be referred to as “professor”. In Ward’s case, if she is or is not married to Greg Shaw he is no.longer listed as the department head so should no.longer be Renner’s boss if he ever was. Her divinity degree is from a college that has changed physical locations frequently and would be suspect under any circumstances. It has also been connected to the Hyde Park crowd in Chicago, which brings its academic bonafides under additional scrutiny. Before diving school Mollie’s undergraduate degree was in journalism from the University of Oklahoma, so there is that. She is originally from the Texas panhandle. Another BN carpetbagger attempting to sell socialism to the locals.

  6. Complaints of not being able to make choices for HER own body don’t mean jack squat as long as male genital mutilation is still being practiced. “My body, my choice” was removed as an option for me as a newborn. And let’s not even mention Selective Service.

    Also, “my body, my choice” evidently doesn’t apply to people that don’t want to join a worldwide medical experiment. Shouldn’t Christians be against forcing people to do something against their will?

  7. “My body, my choice”…..if your choice is to kill your unborn child. It certainly does not apply if you choose not to have the Covid-19 vaccine put in your body. Then your body belongs to the government to do with as it sees fit. What a sick, sick world we live in.

  8. The Supreme Court has said that abortion is a woman’s right NO MATTER WHAT her reason. It could be to p*ss off her mom, it could be to keep her credit score up, it could be because she’s White and an oppressor and she doesn’t want to have any more racist babies produced. The reason doesn’t matter, get it? It’s her body!

  9. My grandmother had plenty to say about episcopalians (lower case “e” intentional). Moral relativists who worship money above God. And if you subscribe to the episcopal church and are offended by this statement — good. Take a look at who leads your “church” and start making excuses.

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