Shouldn’t Chaplains know the Bible?

By: Diane Benjamin Mollie Ward was originally appointed to the Council by Tari Renner to fill the seat vacated by Scott Black. WGLT did a story on her at the time: That story included this pic of Mollie: Yes, she is wearing a collar because she claims to be an Episcopal chaplain. Proving […]

UPDATE: In America, we don’t have to . . .

Read this story – then read what WGLT wrote about the sermon: _____________________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin At the very end of last Monday’s Council meeting Alderman Scott Black made some comments about an “event” he found offensive.  He never said the event was a sermon. Evidently this sermon was advertised.  It took place at […]

America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U.S. President

By David Barton When one observes President Obama’s unwillingness to accommodate America’s four-century long religious conscience protection through his attempts to require Catholics to go against their own doctrines and beliefs, one is tempted to say that he is anti-Catholic. But that characterization would not be correct. Although he has recently singled out Catholics, he […]