UPDATE: In America, we don’t have to . . .

Read this story – then read what WGLT wrote about the sermon:  http://wglt.org/post/eastview-pastors-sex-sermon-called-offensive#stream/0


By:  Diane Benjamin

At the very end of last Monday’s Council meeting Alderman Scott Black made some comments about an “event” he found offensive.  He never said the event was a sermon.

Evidently this sermon was advertised.  It took place at Eastview Christian, the topic was sex.  Actually, it was the Biblical view of sex.  No political correctness was included.  Yes, some people were offended, a few people even protested outside.

Let me finish the title to this story:


We don’t all think alike.  We don’t all believe the same things.  We don’t all participate in the same activities, sleep the same hours, use the same transportation, visit the same restaurants, or have the same desire to hang out in downtown or uptown.


Some people think they have the duty, right, or authority to force people to be just like them.

More than 50 million dead babies later, the pro-choice crowd still hasn’t won.

News Flash:

We don’t have to agree.  We don’t have to be clones of each other.  Some countries do believe that, not here.

Free Speech exists for all sides.  Speech you don’t agree with is the most important.  NO ONE has a right to deny anyone’s right to free speech.  I’d rather know what somebody believes than guess what the secret agenda is.

There is another problem:

Silencing free speech and freedom of religion is only a first step.  The extreme radicals see their opening – next week it’s Champaign.

See this link:  http://freebeacon.com/culture/illinois-urbana-champaign-racial-anti-fascist-demonstration-raises-concerns-violence/

Title of the demonstration:  Smashing Fascism: Radical Resistance Against White Supremacy

Anti-Israel and anti-white speech will be prominent.

This is not who Americans are.

People risked their lives in rickety boats hundreds of years ago for Freedom of Religion.  Our churches are now being told the Bible is hate speech.  Thank you Scott Black.

Watch Scott Black here:

Then watch the first 2 1/2 minutes of the sermon:


There was no hate speech!

The answer:

Respect for each other’s opinions.

You live your life, I live mine.

No one, especially government representatives, have a right to infringe on Freedom of Speech or Religion.

It is possible to disagree and not hate.  Anyone who doesn’t get that should attend a church more often.




19 thoughts on “UPDATE: In America, we don’t have to . . .

  1. I’d LOVE to walk with Mr Black in a communist country and cross a few borders and see HOW he feels when the “authorities” tell HIM what he can and WILL do!! COMRADE!
    Just look at the cities built by the communists, the buildings are dull and all alike, the people suppressed and the AUTHORITY reigns supreme.
    I don’t think Mr Black would last one border before he was speaking to the K.G.B.
    Don’t like America-MOVE, don’t like my ideals, WALK AWAY or join in the discussion-pretty simple.


  2. Hey Scott Black…..Baker’s remarks were not “insidious.”

    He did not ONE TIME say kids from single parent households couldn’t do something or will not be successful. As a member of Eastview, that is COMPLETELY OPPOSITE of what we know to be true.

    Baker specifically said we WANT homosexuals, thieves, liars, cheats, adulterers to be part of our family…..you know why? BECAUSE WE ARE ALL OF THAT AND MORE at Eastview. We are imperfect people walking together.

    I wonder if you’d be as vocal about the mosque down the street that preaches from a book that calls for execution of gays? Would you be as vocal since they preach a religion that some use to throw gays off rooftops?

    Or is it really that much more offensive when your feelings get hurt?

    You do not get to label our beliefs as “hate.”

    Your comments create anger, hate and division….and they’re LIES.


  3. Wait. Where was Scott Black saying that the Bible is hate speech? Believe or not there are a lot of Christians who don’t believe it is sinful to engage in gay sex. I should know, I am part of a Catholic Church and there are people in my bible study group that have stated the same. And believe or not, they don’t think the Bible is hate speech. They have no problem disagreeing with Church teaching and hold true to the Bible’s message of love. More to the point, there are things in the Bible we don’t all follow: getting remarried after divorce, not gossiping, keeping the sabbath (which was sometimes enforced by the government), there are some other ones. There are a lot Christians who disagree with the Bible’s interpretations, but they still live and behave as Christians. So if you take exception to Scott Black, you are taking exception to A LOT of Christians; that includes ones that are better Christians than you or I. Or are Scott’s comments hateful because it’s Scott Black?


    1. Scott conveniently left out he was talking about a sermon. He is government as an elected official. Government is NOT allowed to interfere with the free exercise of religion. Your other comments are immaterial. Churches are made up of people, like the story says – they don’t have to agree.


  4. This community is becoming hateful and intolerant of peaceful Christianity. Examples include alderman Scott Black’s comments, wglt’s article and city manager Mark Petersons recent comments as well. And WJBC a couple years ago acted like the world was ending when former alderman Lower suggested prayer at a council meeting. This shows intolerance and bigotry. There are plenty of progressive ideological based churches located in Bloomington that preach left wing propoganda and I find much of their slant offensive. In fact I could see Jesus walking into the churches that sponsor Illiniois People’s Action and flipping the tables over in disquest and calling them out boldly and publicly.


  5. Unbelievable. As an atheist, I obviously disagree with pretty much everything about Eastview. But, you know what, I don’t go there, I don’t view any of their stuff, I don’t protest it, I don’t care what they do, at all. You know why? It’s my choice, and theirs!

    The most disturbing part about this, is the fact that this brought it up at a City Council meeting. There is a separation of church and state. It goes both ways Scott.


  6. Scottie watched the sermon on YouTube after someone told him about it. Did Scottie know the content beforehand? Was he notified by the protesters outside Eastview church? Scottie didn’t have to watch the video but since he did, was it necessary to use his position to make comments. The members of Eastview have a right to express their beliefs inside their own building. They are in the business of evangelizing. Are the members of the Christian church in B/N with the largest congregation being vilified?
    Think before you speak from your Alderman’s seat, Scottie.


  7. I agree that churches and pastor’s are not subject to the political correctness police. Not at all thrilled with Scott Black. This is after all America where we believe in the separation of church and state. But, that said, Eastview asked for this fight with their very inappropriate billboards all over town. This forced our family to have a conversation with young children before they were ready. I’ve listed to Mike Baker’s sermon on line and I’m sorry, but his retort that “if my children can spell s-e-x then they’re talking about it” just doesn’t cut it with me. It’s offensive and irresponsible. There is so little interaction with the Scriptures in this sex talk that I’m at a loss to call it a sermon. At best this is the dumbing down of the church and at its worse a gross misunderstanding of the Gospel. Bottom line Eastview needs to get focused on lifting up the name of Jesus and not sex and Scott Black needs to focus on representing his constituency. In the end I’m much more disgusted with Eastview than Scott Black. Far more!


  8. What’s this “we want people involved” Scott Black talks about? Bull biscuits Scottie,,,only if they agree with you. You Scott Black are a textbook example of what is wrong with government. Just like your mentor on “sabbatical” will you be next? You’re nuts!


  9. Scots. just a confused frustrated asexual socialist atheist who preferred to play with dolls as s young boy while he wore a red bonnet , pink blouse, green tutu, blue peddlepushers, and white ballet shoes.


  10. Freedom of speech does NOT equal speech without consequence. Believe however you choose, but when you’re a tax-exempt institution and use your congregation’s hard earned money to purchase not only a billboard but a massive “SEX” sign for the sole purpose of preaching against the validity of same-sex and single-parent families. When you belittle people in different circumstances just because you have the power and financial means to do so, expect critical resistance.


  11. Listened to Pastor Mike Baker’s sermon & felt he did a great job explaining the Biblical interpretation on issues relating to sexuality. Throughout his sermon, he referred to the Bible in order to obtain the knowledge & understanding of God’s perspective on the issue. The Bible is the foundation for all Christian beliefs & where a Christian should go to seek the absolute Truth on any issue. Agree that when government officials attack biblical principles, freedom of speech does not exist and it’s sad that the media can’t get it straight either!


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