BCPA: Where are the event reports?

By: Diane Benjamin

Two performance fee bills were paid last night for the BCPA:

9/29 was: Escape to Margaritaville

10/8 was: When Disco Was King

Two other events were held earlier in September.

Meanwhile, an events tab hasn’t even been created yet on the Bloomington website:


In previous years I had to FOIA these reports.

One thought on “BCPA: Where are the event reports?

  1. Ridiculous! The BCPA is a taxpayer money drain that feeds the ego of the local cultural elitists. As well, I suspect their vendor list includes a who’s who of the local government trough feeders. There are lots of other local private venues run much more effectively who are forced to answer to the marketplace, not to mention other entertainment options competing for people’s attention and money. I believe there is a new music venue opening up in the Downtown as a matter of fact.

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