Bloomington tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

This could be a short meeting!

Remember when the Council voted to join Welcoming America instead of declaring Bloomington a sanctuary city?

This is on the agenda, after it passes apply here:

Other Boards and Commissions might have openings too. Apply!

Private Sector Entertainment! They see a need and want to fill it instead of government trying to create a need. Excellent.

Both of the above are on the Consent Agenda and won’t be discussed unless they are pulled by one of the Aldermen.

The only item on the Regular Agenda is another initiative by Mollie Ward:

The Harriet Fuller Rust grant program is not money Harriet put into a trust for downtown. It’s all taxpayer money grants named after her.


The City budgeted $125,000 this year for these grants: PDF page 267

If downtown businesses jump at this free money, the documentation states the Council could be asked to allocate more:

If your business isn’t downtown, you get nothing!







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