Questions that won’t be asked

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight is the 5 person League of Women Voters/WGLT mayoral debate.  It won’t be as informative as the DoubleTree debate because of who is asking the questions and 5 candidates answering them.  I predict only 5 or 6 questions will be asked since opening and closing statements will take up much of the time.

Below are questions I want answers to:

I’d like to know which candidates are immediately going to end pension spiking.

I’d like to know which candidates are going to cut the gold-plated health insurance and start making employees pay their fair share.

I’d like to know why tax receipts per month are no longer published by the City Manager.

I’d like to know why the now ancient financial statements from last April 30th are still a secret.

I’d like to know why Renner continues to brag about transparency in light of the above.

I’d like to know if the State Police investigation of the Coliseum has now moved to an investigation of City employees.

I’d like to know what happened to the “imminent” announcement about naming rights to the Coliseum being sold.

I’d like to know which candidates think the cost of adding an outside elevator to make the Coliseum ADA compliant will ever be recouped.

I’d like to know what the secret plan for the North Main $1,400,000 property is.

I’d like to know what the secret plan for the Pantagraph building is.

I’d like to know why the Huff’s haven’t been held accountable for the condition of the Front and Center Building.

I’d like to know the secret plans for the Empire Street TIF since more than the shopping center was included.

I’d like to know why the two studies taxpayers paid for about Hershey Road were ignored.

I’d like to know which candidates are waiting until after the election to support building the soccer complex.

Since none of these questions will be asked,

I’m stopping here!

If one of the candidates pops by your house wanting your vote, run some of these by them.





14 thoughts on “Questions that won’t be asked

  1. Great list of questions Diane. You are correct, they will not be asked anything on your list this evening. Don’t let them go to waste, forward them to the candidates and let’s see who and how they respond.


      1. BloNo sent a survey to al of the candidates asking about complete streets. BloNo gave each a grade (A-F) depending on their answer. Some candidates didn’t respond. Seems like BloNo is a political activist group intent on influencing policy decisions.


  2. The debate was pablum. Nothing of substance was discussed by anyone. All candidates seemed low energy except Renner who had an air of annoyance that he had to endure it at all.


    1. Absolutely correct. Renner has a standard set of talking points he never diverts from. If you think government creates prosperity he is the guy to do it. If you know history and know he is DEAD WRONG he should easily be defeated.


      1. Renner was in comfortable surroundings and playing to his fans. Actually, it seemed as if he sent a stuffed toy with a pre-recorded message in his place. It was hard to tell.


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