About the election . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

I can’t believe the comments on Facebook from people saying they never vote in primaries because they don’t want to say what party they are voting for.

Aside from the FACT yesterdays primary didn’t have parties, that is the lamest excuse possible.  The GREAT candidates lose in the primaries because of that attitude.  Those same people will complain about having no good choices in the general election.  It’s THEIR fault there are no good choices!

Less than 50% of the people who bothered to vote yesterday supported Tari Renner.  He is vulnerable and beatable!  The 15% turnout is ridiculous when the guy running for reelection has increased the total budget $47,000,000 and passed a Sales Tax increase, an Amusement Tax, a .04 per Gallon Gas Tax, increased all Utility Taxes, and raised Garbage Fees.  He claims he has to “get things done”.  Translate that to “your money is mine, I will decide how much you get to keep”.

Past Councils have chosen not to fund pensions and fix the roads because those are boring compared with “Quality of Life”.   Tari chose to fund pensions and fix a couple of roads with NEW money from you instead of the taxes you already pay.

The April 4th election is easy.  Since 2010 Democrats have been wiped out of office across the nation because of their taxing and spending.  Tari will pretend he isn’t a Democrat because we know what Illinois Democrats have done to the Illinois.  Renner is no different from Mike Madigan, Rahm Emauel, and Pat Quinn.  The 2018 budget presented last Monday claims to be balanced, but it uses Fund Balances.  Renner is using the “savings” account so he doesn’t have to raise taxes in an election year.

Here’s one example from page 47:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=12224

rmplhealthSoon the Employee Health Fund won’t have enough money, so money from somewhere else will be shifted back or your taxes will be raised to cover the shortfall.  Do the City employees know Renner is robbing their fund?

This post details other Funds theft:  https://blnnews.com/2017/02/25/fascinating-stuff/

If you are serious about saving Bloomington from fiscal calamity, volunteer to help Kevin Lower now.  Send me an email (blnnews@yahoo.com) and I will  connected you with his campaign.




  1. sticky bean says:

    Lol ! Just exactly what Renner’s set up primary tried to avoid. Now he has to go head to head against Lower. Time for a Renner melt down. I’ll bet he’s anxiously reading this blog every day now. Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

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