How Renner wins elections:

By:  Diane Benjamin

When very few people bother to vote in local elections, this is what happens.  I redacted the name of the sender.

renner-winsKids are voting, most won’t be staying in town.  The Bloomington residents get stuck with their choice because they stay home.

Polls are open until 7.





8 thoughts on “How Renner wins elections:

  1. I hate to say this but it is not really going to matter who wins this election. Bloomington-Normal is in the beginning stages of an economic decline. I don’t think anyone who is currently running is going to be able to stop what will eventually turn this area into a little Detroit. What is happening cannot be fixed in the current crony capitalist environment and with the current business leadership (EDC & Chamber) who are still operating as if were 1994. I pity the person who will become mayor of either town for the next four years. They will be spend many sleepless nights in the future with budget problems, layoffs of personnel and drastic reductions of city services. Yes, it may seem to be a great way to eat on the taxpayers dime right now but very soon (2-3 years) it will be an living nightmare for anyone who is mayor of either town. So let Tari continue to be mayor – couldn’t happen to more deserving guy!


    1. Lawrence although your prediction of the economic climate of B-N might be correct, Koos and Renner will sleep just fine as these issues are what they believe they create.


      1. I wish it was not true. I really don’t think what is going to happen will allow for any restful nights for any of the leadership here (I use that term although I see little actual leadership). The entire Insurance industry, the banking industry and financial services industry are being disrupted as I write this. The education bubble will sooner or later burst. Higher education has priced itself out of its own market. It is just a matter of time before the students just stop coming (because they can’t afford it). Our main economic drivers are essentially dinosaurs headed for extinction. Imagine an insurance company that has no agents – uses AI – mobile applications and set the world’s record for paying a claim recently (3 secs). That company is call Lemonade and it is coming to 47 states very soon (in New York now). This area is deep deep trouble and our leadership fiddles and invites horses to parties. Their mindset would be laughable if real people were not involved.


  2. my comment on the Pantagraph report: “The challengers had more votes than the current mayor Renner. I think Renner is vulnerable. Look at the massive amount of stuff here: If Mr. Lower gains the support of those who voted “against Renner,” then there is a dead-heat race right now. I wonder what Diane Benjamin will write about this.”


  3. Looks like Lower will win the primary and face Renner. Let’s pull out the stops people and send the professor back to school.


  4. Don’t know WHICH part of the Wednesday Pantagraph I like best, the photo on the front page of the rain forest gorilla look alike or the DOONESBURY cartoon with the DILBERT title?? I guess it’s only proper that the Pantagraph “promote” Taris agenda, as it seems that NEITHER entity gets anything right, and the people be damned!
    Yes this town CAN be saved, IF we get GOOD leadership in the proper positions and it’s run with INTELLIGENT management and not on free lunches and YES votes.

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