Black: REAL FAKE news–Pantagraph

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph has a story today about last night’s vote to end the Metrozone agreement in Normal:

I didn’t make it past this paragraph :

hafakeKevin Lower signed the document with 4 other aldermen to get this vote on the agenda.

Details:  HERE

When exactly did he oppose the measure?  NEVER!

Hauman and Fruin voted NO – everybody else voted YES to keep the revenue Bloomington earns in Bloomington – not share it with Normal.  Kevin Lower voted YES – he didn’t oppose the measure because he NEVER opposed ending Metrozone.

Did the Pantagraph read the packet?

Still subscribing just for the obituaries?

How many of those do they get wrong.  The news is obviously FAKE!

Scott Black:  maybe you get your Fake News from the Pantagraph.

That’s a problem kid!


6 thoughts on “Black: REAL FAKE news–Pantagraph

  1. AW, the Pantagraph is a FUN paper!! Why just a while back they had a quote-“The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane” But they didn’t state which kind it was, and whether it was flying or not!! Also have to like when they run the same comics two days in a row!

  2. I read the paragraph again. The problem is more with the grammar and punctuation used by the author. Renner is named in the same fashion. The paragraph definitely gives the impression that Lower was against the measure. Sage, Lower and Schmidt were the driving force to save the taxpayers money.

      1. Renner has had 4 years to “negotiate” out of the Metro Zone agreement if he chose. He did not!! Renner does not have the moral fortitude to protect Bloomington’s citizens. Renner is a puppet of Koos and Koos is not used to being challenged. The Task Force should have addressed this. Maybe that is why Sage took the lead now to look for savings. Remember, Sage was not in favor of rushing into raising the sales tax until cuts were made. Renner pushed the 1% sales tax increase through because Koos had already raised their sales tax by that amount for the purpose of “sharing” the construction of the Soccer complex. Remember that? Renner’s entire campaign is based on manipulation of facts–aka–fake news–aka–lies. Lies come back to bite you in the behind and result in your downfall. Renner needs to start looking over his shoulder.

  3. Very poorly written summary! Where does the Daily Mistake find the reporters, Middle School? I had to read it a few times and it still doesn’t make much sense. What ever happened to reporting the actual facts instead of what you think you heard, or what you want to say no matter what was really said or done.

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