I Smell a Setup!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Think back to when Bloomington’s Public Comment Policy was changed to 30 minutes.  Tari Renner was out of the country, Karen Schmidt was acting mayor for that meeting.

Since Renner has never been fond of Public Comment, and previously it had only been 15 minutes, he probably wasn’t happy when he got back.

One recent speaker has put Public Comment in jeopardy with his antics.  A few months ago he used language not acceptable in a public place.

Recently the same guy attacked an alderman with the same disgusting language during Public Comment.  Renner then asked the City Attorney to see what can be done to change the policy.  I’m sure Renner is looking to limit free speech, not do something easy like ban abusers for a month or two until they learn some level of acceptable public discourse.  Renner would like to have a policy where only items on the agenda can be discussed, I promise to be the first person to break that rule if he tries.

Today the Pantagraph has a picture of Renner’s campaign celebration last night:  http://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/government-and-politics/elections/renner-lower-prepare-for-april-election/article_ece448c6-b187-5b5a-b7ab-1914a2603494.html

Guess who is sitting in the background?

Mr. Disgusting speech himself!  Is this guy a friend of yours Tari?  Is he working on your campaign?

(Page through the pics until you see it)

Remember when Renner recruited his students to attack Judy Stearns?  https://blnnews.com/2015/02/10/does-tari-know-that-judy-isnt-running/

Renner’s IWU kids are the ones that lead to his censure when I mentioned in a comment that one was friends of his son.  I wonder if Renner will consider this another “attack” on his son?

The point is, why was this guy at Renner’s campaign celebration?  Did Renner put him up to attacking an Alderman who just happened to be running against him:  Kevin Lower?

Renner brought the IWU kids in to attack his nemesis, Judy Stearns.  It not much of a stretch for Renner to recruit Disgusting Guy to get Public Comment changed and try to take out Lower at the same time.  Renner is constantly plotting how to “Move Bloomington Forward”.  (translation: eliminate all opposition with whatever means are necessary)

Also in the picture is Ward 1 Alderman candidate Jamie Mathy’s wife.  The choice in Ward 1 is perfectly clear if you reject Renner’s policies.  Sue Feldcamp!





  1. Cavewoman says:

    He’s the ugly mug with the cap on behind the microphone. That IS strange, indeed.


  2. I agree. Definitely has the makings of a set up. Btw, this Hatfield’s and McCoys thing with Renner and Koos could be interesting. I hope this isn’t another game they’re playing to manipulate people.


    • mittenpaws says:

      It most likely is. Remember proposing to agree to “shared sales tax” if the Metro Zone agreement was dissolved. Renner wants so much to be like Normal that he will sell his soul and trample the citizens to make it happen.


  3. Gee, your comment disappeared.

    Thanks for playing!


  4. ...just sayin' says:
  5. The local leftists are trying really hard to comment on this story. Since I paid for the site, they don’t have Freedom of Speech here to spew hate. I’ve got a DELETE button and I’m not afraid to use it. The Pantagraph deletes comments and fails to print Letters to the Editor. Go complain to them.


  6. Tari is disgusting! If he does know the guy who is potentially causing the council to reconsider public comment he should probably be arrested. That has to be illegal on top of being unethical.


    • ISU, Renner, Black and Hauman all wanted to limit public comment to be like Normal’s and the County Board’s. There was an outrage expressed by the citizens so Lower suggested to table the vote to obtain more citizen feedback. Renner was out of town when the current ordinance passed.


  7. buddha jones says:

    it is a set up they pay me in weed lots and lots of weed


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