Normal: Debate TONIGHT

By:  Diane Benjamin

There is an easy fix for the relationship now spinning out of control between Bloomington and Normal:

Dump Both Mayors

Tari Renner and Chris Koos will never have enough of your money to achieve their versions of Utopia.  Bloomington stole Dick’s Sporting Goods and Kroger’s from Normal by handing taxpayer money to them.  It was wrong of Tari to subsidize businesses at the expense of their competitors.  Renner doesn’t understand picking winners and losers by government means everybody loses.

Metrozone was the final straw for Koos.  He has subsidies to cover for Portillos and an entire floor to rent in the building under construction across the street from Uptown Station.  The soccer people are still crying to him to pay for their complex.

Tonight is a debate between Chris Koos and Marc Tiritilli.


Citizens of Normal NEED to come and meet their next mayor!

The relationship may have taken a really serious turn yesterday that hasn’t been reported.  I’m working to verify what I was told.  More when I have confirmation.





10 thoughts on “Normal: Debate TONIGHT

  1. Maybe we could get a bare knuckle event at the Coliseum, and sell tickets. Course that would just help Bloomington.
    What you have are TWO mayors who BOTH have the same attitude! And it’s detrimental to the sustained growth of ANYTHING!

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      1. Renner & Koos snuck out of the Forum @ the Union Hall on Fox Creek Road early to have a “secret, high-level” meeting.


  2. The backup provided in the Pantagraph yesterday clearly displayed David Hales for the scoundrel he is. While one can understand the COB’s contention that the agreement had become lopsided, a clear and consistent reading of the agreement proves COB is out on a limb here, Normal would be foolish not to file suit. Hales’ behavior (sending a check “under protest”, not responding to professional inquiry, etc.) is childish at best, at worst, obtuse and arrogant. Regardless of where one stands on the issue of whether the agreement had become “unfair”, COB did not act in good faith, for sure.


    1. It’s not for sure!! Both the Town and City are offering different stories. This is what happens when there is a lack of transparency. At least one Bloomington alderman, if not two were present at the negotiations along with both Mayors and Managers. Both COB aldermen voted to end the Metro Zone agreement. Koos wants to ensure a revenue stream for Normal with HIS proposal to share sales tax with Bloomington and from the Metro Zone. Koos was not willing to consider enter into negotiations about the Metro Zone until after Bloomington agreed to share it’s sales tax. A conflict takes a party of at least two.


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