What is the local media thinking?

By:  Diane Benjamin

A fake Twitter account was created only to defeat Ian Bayne.  Twitter is a sewer where people hide behind fake names they think nobody can trace back to them.  Twitter allows almost anything, so these local leftists are allowed to spew as much hate and false information as they want.

What should shock the citizens of Bloomington-Normal are the people who “Follow” this fake site.  Is this where the media gets their news?  Do the local elected Democrats support anonymous attempts to destroy their opposition?

Below are screen shots from the account.  I had to include the site title in every one of these pictures to prove these people follow this fake site.  Following the site means any Tweets are visible to them.  These same people intend to go after Kevin Lower next.

WGLT is moderating a debate tonight between Marc Tiritilli and Chris Koos for Mayor of Normal.  How can anybody consider them legitimate media?  How can this debate possibly be fair?  Did WGLT give Koos the questions in advance?

Look at the following pictures.  WGLT has no credibility.  If anybody still thinks tax dollars going to public radio is essential, this proves local public radio needs de-funded.

Carlo Robustelli is an elected Democrat County Board member.  He is employed by WGLT.

Mike McCurdy is employed by WGLT, is Vice President of the Board of Connect Transit, and is President of Bike Blono.

Scott McCoy is the former Mayor of Pontiac and works(ed?) at WJBC.

Micheal Gorman is Treasurer of Bike Blono, works at IWU, is on the Board of GreenTop grocery, was Treasurer for Calo Robustelli, and was pictured with Tari Renner riding the bus as an election stunt. If you are on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MayorRenner/photos/a.10150874993299135.404828.25094354134/10154259518099135/?type=3&theater


A Pantagraph reporter!

The next two show WGLT and an employee of WGLT following “Fake News”

fake1Citizens deserve better than WGLT and these other local clowns.


13 thoughts on “What is the local media thinking?

  1. Wow! Very eye opening and appalling! A few of those news people you listed even went as far to make some derogatory comments as well against the candidate. I always thought thought they were just to report the facts and remain unbiased. Silly me!


  2. Since I don’t do twitter, can I fake it here? @ Gor, McC, Robo, some people just can’t hold a job unless they kiss ass.


  3. ANYONE who has the time to TWEET, don’t have a life! At least a productive one. as for WGLT, they are going the way WJBC did. Babble radio with brain dead content. OR as a relate might say “Radio free communist UPTOWN”


  4. Anyone looking for a change in Town of Normal leadership should come out to the debate between Mayor Koos and Marc Tiritilli tonight at 6pm. Marc would bring more fiscal responsibility to the town. Also please remember to write in James Woods for city council on election day.


  5. Left out of this article is RC McBride, station manager at WGLT and Normal Town Council member. Not sure if he was a part of the Twitter feed or not, but point is I don’t expect objective reporting from GLT with respect to matters in Normal. I went on their site earlier this morning to submit a question for tonight’s debate and that link is down. It will be interesting the see who is moderating this thing tonight and where they’re getting their questions.


  6. Parody OR fake? There’s a difference. Not sure you can make much of who they follow. I followed Trump and Clinton on Twitter. What do you make of that?


  7. I see no problem with parody (fake) twitter or facebook accounts. It’s always quite obvious what is real and what isn’t.


  8. Twitter is different than Facebook and other social media sites because anyone can see anyone else’s tweets without following the person. So the media doesn’t need to follow the account if they just want to report on it for some reason.


  9. This town is a joke. I stopped following the #blono stream – it was just to sickening – you either have complete idiots posting silly crap or crony capitalist creeps kissing someones a….. I not that long ago made Mike McCurdy want to run and hide after the pummeling I gave him. But in the end watching this slow motion train wreck was just depressing me. I teach twitter and have been using it since it began. Fake accounts are pretty easy to deal with. Report, report and report them… then troll them without mercy.


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