Koos needs term limits!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Charlie Schlenker did a great job moderating the forum last night between Chris Koos and Marc Tiritilli.  Listen to the one hour broadcast HERE

Both the Pantagraph and WGLT coverage called Tiritilli a District 87 teacher.  Both failed to mention he teaches PHYSICS.  Marc obviously needs exceptional intelligence for that job and it clearly showed at the forum.

Koos was forced to admit the Town can’t borrow any more money without new revenue streams.  “Revenue Streams” mean NEW TAXES!  Koos has maxed out the Town’s credit cards but he knows the taxpayers can always be tapped for more money.

The Town is $94,000,000 in debt – mostly from Uptown.  Koos created a TIF district (Tax Increment Financing) to generate income to pay the debt, but the income generated in Uptown is NOT close to paying the debt.

See PDF page 229 of the Town’s 5 year budget:  http://normal.org/DocumentCenter/View/7619

For Fiscal year 2018-2019, Uptown is projected to generate $1,774,600.  All of the TIF districts will only generate $2,764,009.

Now look at PDF page 233.  Debt payments will be over $6,000,000 until 2030.  Payments won’t be under $3,000,000 until 2038.   The claims that Uptown is paying for itself aren’t close to reality.  Meanwhile interest expense accumulates at alarming rates, compare it the maxed out credit card where only the minimum payments are being made.  That is the Chris Koos fiscal responsibility plan!

Koos tried to compare the Town debt to a homeowner with income of $100,000 and a mortgage of $94,000.  A house is most likely increase in value and the homeowner will likely attempt to pay off the mortgage as fast as possible to save the interest expense.  Homeowners build equity in their properties.  Normal’s debt isn’t building equity.  It’s building future maintenance expenses.  More than half of the payments that will be made on the debt will be interest.  See PDF page 237 and following.

DEBT is the big issue in this campaign, but other subjects were discussed.  Listen the end of the forum to hear what both candidates think about sanctuary cities.  Hint:  Koos claims to not know what they are.  Tiritilli had the perfect response.

Koos is really mad at Bloomington for dissolving MetroZone.  He implied that Tari Renner makes up his own facts, but we already know that.  Tiritilli thinks Normal should end the agreement because it was created for infrastructure on the west side and those project were completed years ago.

Koos doesn’t see a problem with Normal’s Public Comment policy.  Marc cited the Open Meetings Act law the requires public bodies to allow citizens to speak.  Marc stated the 45 day rule violates that right.

The obvious choice by the local establishment will be Chris Koos.  Citizens that understand Koos has buried them in debt while claiming his projects pay for themselves is a joke must help Marc Tiritilli win this elections.

Marc easily won the forum last night.  Listen for yourself, isn’t Normal’s future worth an hour of your time?

Term limit Koos April 4th!

Marc can be reached on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/MarcTforMayor/

Twitter:  @MarcTforMayor

Koos could only accomplish burying the Town in debt because the Town Council falls for the scam.  Several members were in the crowd acting like bobble-heads when Chris spoke.  As many of them as possible need replaced April 4th too.






13 thoughts on “Koos needs term limits!

  1. Typical snake “Koos is really mad at Bloomington for dissolving MetroZone. He implied that Tari Renner makes up his own facts,,,” as he rats out his socialist partner across town.


  2. Marc was far and away the “adult in the room.” I was floored when Koos said the $94 million was not large debt, but manageable debt. Really? To my household, that means we owe $6,800! My two kids, in elementary school already, owe $1,700 each. That’s not manageable, Koss, that’s asinine.


  3. Let’s confiscate KOOS property -HOME and all and see how far it goes toward the $94 million! Then start with the council. MAYBE only THEN will they develop “responsibly”!


  4. “Debt payments will be over $6,000,000 until 2030. Payments won’t be under $3,000,000 until 2038. ”

    If the taxpayers and voters can’t see the big light they must be blind and stupid to let this continue. Unbelievable doesn’t even describe this.


  5. Unfortunately they don’t seem to realize that by the time this debt is paid off, they’ll be seeking money to subsidize fixing properties and infrastructure.

    Why spend millions on an unneeded under/overpass? Why spend 7-figures studying it? Heck, use that $1+ million to develop Portillo’s ourselves.

    I would love to hear more about what candidates have to say about that subsidy and what they will tell other business owners who may now go under because a competitor was brought in under huge subsidy. Will Red Robin survive? Chili’s? Windy City Wieners? You can’t argue this will draw in Champaign and Peoria crowds since they’ll both have their own.


    1. Annoy? I don’t live in Normal so it doesn’t matter to me if the citizens reelect the guy who buried them in debt! You get to pay the bills, I don’t have to. I just want the citizens to know they have a MUCH better option before declaring bankruptcy.


  6. You see the new WGLT story? Any concern with Jason Chambers hosting fundraiser on Feb 23 at his home for Koos and then claiming Bloomington violated open meetings act related to Metrozkne? Seems like Normal resident and Koos campaign organizer Chambers is taking sides on an issue. Looks suspicious to me. More reason to support Tiritili.


    1. This whole Metro Zone deal is staged by both Koos and Renner to divert public attention away from other more pressing issues they must account for. They’re in this together. If not then I dare Koos to endorse Lower and I dare Renner to endorse Tiritilli. A man is known by the company he keeps. Jason Chambers and his neighbors on Broadway Avenue are in Koos’ pocket. We all know that. Yes, all the more reason to support Tiritilli.


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