Pantagraph/Lee Enterprises has no intention of telling you the truth: Update


Diane, sorry for the delay in responding but I wanted to get with Steve and we did so Friday morning. He will make reference to the relationship when he writes about city government and the mayor again.
Mark Pickering
Managing Editor
The Pantagraph
301 W. Washington St.
P.O. Box 2907
Bloomington, IL 61702-2907
Ph:  309-820-3252  Fax:  309-829-7000



by:  Diane Benjamin

A few days ago I wrote about Steve Vogel’s conflict of interest doing editorials concerning anything to do with the City of Bloomington since his daughter was Mayor Renner’s campaign manager – TWICE.

Yesterday, I email Managing Editor Mark Pickering of the Pantagraph asking him if the conflict of interest was going to be disclosed to his readers.


Early this morning I emailed the Pantagraph parent company – Lee Enterprises – and asked them the same question.


So much for credibility and transparency.  Maybe Steve Vogel will disclose it himself in his next post.  He used to be a man of honor, I guess we will find out.

6 thoughts on “Pantagraph/Lee Enterprises has no intention of telling you the truth: Update

  1. The Pantagraph is joke. I only read it for the comments on the articles. Oh btw, to get around having to pay for it, use incognito mode. Another way is to delete your browsing history. Unlimited views.

  2. As long as Mark Pickering is the Pantagraph gate keeper controlling what goes in and out of their newspaper reporting the news and telling the truth is only a guise for creating their news and telling us lies! I guess that is why most call it the Slantagraph, Here is a picture of their wise gate keeper Mark Pickering. Is this the kind of person we want heading our city newspaper?

    1. It’s a crying shame The Ragagraph has to be forced to do what they should of done in the first place. Don’t hold your breath though, Vogel might blow up his keyboard before he writes another piece about our illustrious Mayor

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