Normal must be desperate for money!

by:  Diane Benjamin

I have a friend who works auto claims for one of the big local insurance companies.  He’s been very busy since snow-mageddon hit last weekend.   One of the standard questions he asks is “Did you get a ticket?”.  Even processing Chicago claims, nobody reported getting a ticket.  The police realized the hazard of snow packed streets and didn’t issue tickets.

Another friend didn’t have the same luck in Normal.  He slid through a red light on ice and had a fender-bender with another vehicle.  That driver insisted on calling the police instead of just exchanging information.  A half and hour later a Normal Police Officer showed up.

My friend was shocked when the Officer said he was writing a ticket.  His reason:

I could lose my job for not writing one.

Add this to the list of why not to drive (or shop) in Normal.  Evidently they budget expected revenue from tickets.  Of course you probably knew that.  Why else would the speed limit on East College be 30?







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