The Un-Elected Government – Update


Interesting timing!  I had no idea somebody was re-writing the ordinance!  At Monday’s City Council meeting a bunch of changes are going to be made to the Boards and Commissions.  It looks like somebody thought adding more was a good idea, but most got scrapped.  If you want to decipher what is happening – feel free:

The proposed changes start on page 209.

Will the Council, especially the rubber stamp 7, actually read the information before they vote?

Maybe this why DC doesn’t read bills.  When they served locally they were told to vote yes, why change now?


by:  Diane Benjamin

Do you recognize more than a few names on this list?  A very few are elected, a few are City of Bloomington employees, one is the husband of Renner’s campaign manager, the rest are appointed by the Mayor.  Why is that significant?  Keep reading.

Dodson, Jeremy
Meek, John
Neaves, Edwin
Page, Barbara
Raikes, Michael
Stevig, Larry
Weber, John
Dodson, Douglas
Brown, Jeffrey
Huber, Mark
Cain, Stan
Burk. Martha
Winters, Tammi
Morin, Patricia
Gregor, Marlene
Barnett, Josh
Dumser, Valerie
Driskell, Anne
Floyd, Sue
Morton, Julie
Davis, Amy
Larkin, Erica
Lauderman, Jan
Kennedy, John
Waldorf, Jim
Cardona, Alex
Elliott, Roger
Kerber, Mike
Ringer, Carole
Galbreath, Sherry
Giordano, Matthew
Bergethon, Bruce
Schmidt, Karen
Baker, Carol
Joshi, Neeraj
Markowitz, Judy
Tilton, Vicki
Trout, Curtis
Salamone, Tina
Durham, Carson
Elterich, John
Graehling, Sherry
Greene, Dan
Kennedy, Jeffery
Westerhout, Julian
Williams, Brad
Woolard, Mark
Jones, Anthony
Ahart, Cathy
Elliott, John
Krishna, Suresh
Lancaster, Janet
Smith, Rhonda
Wills-Flohr, Donya
Bell, Emily
Jackson, Ernestine
Strle, Rich
Clary, Bob
Amoloza, Teodora
Steinbach, Harriett
Farrier, Sanae
Hansen, Cindy
Necessary, Donald
Reid, Joe
Wilson, Akiko
Schierman, Mary Anne
McKnight, Mike
Goldman, Jenny
Lawless, Mellisa
Nishehara-Johnson, Toyoka
Montes de Oca, Leticia
Kingman, Earl
Renner, Tari
Stockton, Stephen
Jordan, James
Tompkins, Geoffrey
Bataoel, Jack
Lancaster, Jan
Cain, Stan
Cornell, Christopher
Balmer, J. Alan
Stuckey, Charles E.
Schultz, Bill
Pearson, James
Wills, Rob
Diamond, Rex
Scritchlow, Ryan
Stanczak, David
Woolard, Mark
Capodice, John
Morgan, Julie
Dumser, Valerie
Moore, Brent
Williams, Mark
Fetzer, Mark
Walker, Sharon
Ireland, Mike
Briggs, Richard
Meek, Barbara
Zimmerman, William
Kearney, Robert
Buragas, Amelia
Simeone, James
Woolard, Mark

Much of the City is run by Boards and Commissions.  Here’s a list:

These people bring recommendations to the Council concerning everything from spending your money to regulations.  The Council for the most part is told to just approve whatever they bring.  The Council doesn’t usually have time review their work or ask questions.

A LOT of these positions had expired terms when Mayor Renner took over.  He has replaced a LOT of people, his idea was to infuse local government with new people.  Not a bad idea, but why are they qualified to make decisions for the City?

These people exert a LOT of power over what happens in the Bloomington.  Does it make you feel better that the un-elected hand-picked Mayor appointees are making decisions instead of your elected alderman?

Packets for Council meetings are frequently hundreds of pages long.  Do the aldermen read all of it before the meeting?  The packet and agenda for the meeting next Monday night is still not posted.  Is all this on purpose?

Your call.




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  1. hey journalist–do your homework…how many of these people were already appointed prior to Renner being elected? I see a few who were…

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