Mayor Renner still hiding his transparency

by:  Diane Benjamin

Obviously Mayor Renner is behind the plan to take representation away from the people by changing from an all Ward system to Modified Ward:

Renner-Ward2Renner is still hiding behind Alderman Fazzini and claims it’s no big deal!

On January 3rd Renner was on WGLT Radio.  The interview is only 4 1/2 minutes long, listen to him spin!  I hope he didn’t get dizzy:

It doesn’t say much for WGLT and Charlie Schlenker either!  Low information media is the main reason for low information voters!

Changing to a Modified Ward system take representation away from the citizens of Bloomington.   It will concentrate power in the hands of elitists with money and groups like the Chamber of Commerce who are willing to pay to elect candidates who will support their agenda.  That agenda is NEVER what the average citizen wants!  How does “Uptown” Bloomington sound?  How much money do you want to pay for it?

Mayor Transparency – quit lying to the citizens.  Tell them you have been behind the Modified Ward system from the beginning.

Your community organizing days are showing Mayor:


2 thoughts on “Mayor Renner still hiding his transparency

    1. Not sure if he only breaks ties or actually votes. It would be 5 and 3, but chances of ties are minimal with the potted plants currently on the Council.

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