Who at Brad Barker Honda doesn’t like conservatives?

by: Diane Benjamin

Below is a comment posted to an article today.  This person has posted several times, but likes to change their made up name each time they post.  Some people just can’t stand conservatives on the Bloomington City Council!

Life would be so much easier for Big Spenders if the Rubber Stamp 7 becomes the Rubber Stamp 9!  Mayor Renner and David Hales could propose anything, including raising your taxes, and not one member of the Council would bother to comment.  The Council meetings in Bloomington could be 15 minutes – just like a lot of the Council meetings in Normal.  Utopia!

Spotlight on Truth commented on Just in case Mayor Renner is plotting . . .

You are correct. Stearns HAS been targeted for defeat in the next council election. 2 candidates are already poised to run. It will cost Stearns at least $ 20,000 to even run a competitive race. The gloves WILL be off. Stearns backstabbed too many players too often. Lower will be gone the next time he is up as well.

I asked Spotlight to explain “backstabbed”, but of course there was no answer.  Justifying comments with facts isn’t what drive-by comment people do.

I guess Spotlight doesn’t have any respect for the law, much like the City.  Maybe Spotlight wants the 2 conservatives to support big spending and tax increases.  Is that it Spotlight?

Here’s a little more info on Spotlight:

More information about Spotlight on Truth

IP:, 50-76-85-97-static.hfc.comcastbusiness.net
E-mail: [email protected]

I’d be willing to bet the email address is fake.  The IP address though can be traced:

Geoffrey, is that you?  A supposed Republican no less?






5 thoughts on “Who at Brad Barker Honda doesn’t like conservatives?

  1. Maybe I’m just a simple mined person but frankly why does anyone really need to hide behind a fake name to post what they really believe? Are they that ashamed of themselves? I am what I am and I am proud of my beliefs so I choose not to hide it!

    1. There is a really good possibility that this is somebody who calls himself a Republican. It is sad that some Republicans don’t stand for anything.

  2. NO!! I believe it is coming from a now seated Bloomington City Council Member, how about Rob Fazzini or Fruin, mmm Black ?

    1. I number of people believe it’s a guy who calls himself a Republican. Obviously there is a war in the Republican Party when some people are closer to Democrats than Conservatives.

  3. Yeah web staff your right. It seems like there is a lot of Arlen Specter type Republicans today. Though even he finally realized what he was and became a true Democrat!

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