Hey Steve Vogel:

By:  Diane Benjamin


How did Cleveland go?  In Ohio, where Open Carry is legal, nothing happened!  No dead bodies in the street.  No shootouts between Trump and Cruz supporters.  Even the New Black Panthers didn’t cause any trouble.

Shootings happen where nobody can shoot back.

Need a “safe space” dude?

I can’t want to see what happens in Philadelphia!




  1. The Democrat Convention could be violent, The democrats have a history of violence starting with the Trail of Tears, Slavery, Civil War, the KKK, the murder of Lincoln, forced sterilization, Partial Birth Abortion, the Sixties, Occupy Wall Street and now Black Lives Matter.


  2. Nothing happened because everyone was carrying? Right! It wasn’t the increased police presence. It wasn’t the metal detectors and security checkpoints. It wasn’t the safe zone in Quicken Loan arena, where armed security was stationed. Actually none of that mattered. Lots of police and still the deadliest weekend in 2016 for Cleveland. I support your right to carry, but suggesting that nothing happened because of open carry is a reach. In my experience, unless you are built like Fort Knox, criminals really could care less who is and isn’t armed. Obviously it wasn’t only Steve Vogel who has concerns as the Cleveland police union requested a temporary ban on open carry. You can shoot (no pun intended) for parity with criminals and guns, but I dont think it drastically reduces violence to put more guns in the hands of people. Good people do bad things too.


    • “In my experience, unless you are built like Fort Knox, criminals really could care less who is and isn’t armed.” This is truly one of the dumbest comments I have ever read in my entire life, that criminals couldn’t care less who is armed and isn’t armed. Dude!


      • That’s why gun free zones are dangerous!


      • Mudd, you obviously dont pay attention to your own comments on here.
        Your whole contention is that criminals will think twice if everyone is armed. Not so. “Shootings only happen where nobody can shoot back”. Chris Kyle would disagree. More recently, five police officers killed in an open carry state, at an event where there were armed police officers and civilians. The fact that people could have been armed did not deter the shooter. There must be some truth to not arming just anybody if the RNC makes a safe zone around Quicken Loans arena. And Trump says he loves the 2nd Amendment. Or Ronnie banning open carry in California. Oh and the Coup de Grace, some of Founding Fathers disagreeing with the meaning of the 2nd Amendement. You want to carry, that’s your business, but don’t push the nonsense that regulation is not needed. All these pro gun quotes are devoid of context and have been misattributed. Why I could come up with some quote and say George Washington slept with his musket in his pants and it would be gobbled up by every gun lover out there.


      • I could name dozens of shootings where the criminal PICKED Gun Free Zones. Start with the Colorado movie theater. He drove past others where guns were allowed.


    • Excellent post Diane


  3. As the lame stream media hyped the event to get violent and it was no big deal, no wild west shoot out,,,it casts further doubts on the multiple mass shooting gun grabber false flags of late.


  4. As we used to say in Alaska “don’t leave home without it”. Now when you’re on a 90 mile long single lane gravel road, which, when you hit “pavement” is STILL 100 miles or so from the police, WHO do you think is going to uphold “law and order” Not to mention, when you come home with groceries and run into a hungry bear or a malicious moose! It’s SOP in the 49th state, and for GOOD reason!


  5. Don’t go asking a liberal (Vogel) to think logically. He’s scared of guns. Thus guns must be stopped. your logical argument matters not one little bit to him.


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