Vogel: You make my writing sooooo easy

By:  Diane Benjamin

Evidently Steve Vogel’s god is Santa Claus.  Today in the Pantagraph, Stevie is asking Santa not to wait until next Christmas to grant a long list of progressive requests.  Hide the children:  Sorry Steve, Santa Claus isn’t real.

Still believing in Santa must be why Steve thinks  “Gun Free Zone” signs magically keep guns out.  Like a true liberal, he ignores all evidence to the contrary.    Stevie even believes the media narrative that assault weapons need to be banned.  Stevie, you could call any gun an assault weapon because they do assault people.  The bad guys, with no value for human life, assault the rest of us  We have the right to assault back.  It’s called DEFENSE.  If you want to be a victim, hang out in gun free zones.  Quit demanding we all be victims, you will lose every time.

BTW Stevie, an AR15 only shoots one bullet at a time – just like every other gun.  It isn’t scarier because you call it something it isn’t.

Also on Vogel’s wish list:  The upcoming mayoral race to be “free of rancor” and “offer a critical opportunity for civil discussion”.  Let me interpret:

  • Taxpayers have no right to be really hacked off by all the tax increases passed since Renner was elected
  • Taxpayers are supposed to believe spending is much higher because of inflation – Renner’s words
  • Taxpayers are supposed to believe the Council is working for them while 8 of the 9 totally ignore the will of the people

Hint Steve:  Renner is the poster child for rancor with his outbursts and condemnation of anybody with a differing opinion.  If he thinks he can be re-elected (doubtful), the rancor will get much worse.  Of course, the Pantagraph will hide anything negative he says.  You will praise his progressive ways and be backed up by the Chamber of Commerce.  I will be very busy revealing the truth, and reprinting his rant – you remember it Steve?  That one that earned him a censure that really wasn’t a censure?

Here’s a good one:  Stevie thinks Santa can make Madigan and the Democrats fix the pension crisis in Springfield.  Sorry dude, obviously your buddies don’t care about anything but staying in power.  Maybe when only government employees are left to pay themselves and their pensions, you will figure that out.

This list could go on and on, but let’s end here:  Steve thinks golfers golfing in December is evidence of Global Warming.

Very funny Steve, considering you are the guy writing to Santa Claus on December 26th.



5 thoughts on “Vogel: You make my writing sooooo easy

  1. This month the house democrats entered HR 4269 claiming ALL non-single shot firearms to be classified as assault weapons. So as Vogel requests the so called assault weapons to be banned he shows his true extremist blood of ignorance. I would call for ALL 2nd Amendment supporters to boycott the Pantagraph in all ways, shape and form. Flush the local voice of propaganda down the toilet where it belongs.

  2. Does anyone who is well informed even take Vogel’s editorials seriously? I assumed they were satire. This year’s elections will have rancor just like all elections. If any of the incumbents are challenged, the number of votes will be close just like in Ward 4 during this year’s election. Hopefully, the irate, disenfranchised citizens will take to the voting booth in larger numbers than in the past.

    The only respectable comment was requesting the Downtown Bloomington retailers, landlords and businesses work together to make Downtown viable. Notice: he did not mention government assistance or intervention. Yes, Mr. Vogel, Downtown establishments are responsible for the success of Downtown, no one else.

  3. NO DIANE! READ it AGAIN Steve did NOT say global warming, he SAID “CLIMATE CHANGE” which is the DUMBEST thing ANY A****** could say! Of COURSE climate CHANGE is going to happen, the earth is NOT a static entity, it moves, spins, heats up, cools down, has glaciers, floods, gets light and dark, ALL that is going to happen whether mr vogel wants it to OR NOT! If the earth WAS static, it would be boring and probably show NO SIGNS of life, like some editorials! As for the AR-15, NOT to worry there’s one for sale under sporting goods LAST ad in todays paper-holds 30 ROUNDS. SLEEP TIGHT mr vogel!

  4. Had to laugh out loud at Steve’s comment about climate change. Evidently Steve has never heard of El Niño. It is now clear Steve Vogel is the real climate change denier. Apparently, he thinks weather is supposed to stay stagnet and never change. To make matters worse he must have concluded that the weather cycle earth is now in is really bad. 30,000 years ago there were alligators living at the north and no SUVs to blame it on. In the last 4.6 billion years the earth has been much warmer and cooler than it is now multiple times. Steve must be in denial about that fact. The weather cycle we are in now is ideal for human existence to thrive and yet climate change deniers like Steve Vogel use scare tactics in chicken little fashion to try to push their real cause more government regulation and socialism.

  5. Good take there Jeff!! and IF you want the climate to stay the same, well, that’s going to be kinda tough, as even IF it did, there is this thing called “continental drift” which moves the plates around, hence Illinois was once a tropical forest and Africa had PLENTY of rain. So maybe IF mr vogel wants a certain climate, maybe he could move to Antarctica and wait till his favorite “climate” comes “drifting” by. Then he could write for the Penguingraph.

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