Pantagraph’s Vogel wimps out Update!

The Pantagraph editors went with a new theory – if we ignore the Renner attack – it never happened.  Finding some way of blaming Stearns and Lower was apparently impossible!  In this they are correct!  (for once)



by:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday I wondered how the Pantagraph would protect their golden goose – Tari Renner – from the flack he is receiving over his attack on Alderwoman Stearns and 3 tax increases.  Even his most ardent campaign supporters are turning on him.  I expected the Pantagraph to concoct Renner’s salvation, but they didn’t today.  Maybe tomorrow an editorial by the “Pantagraph staff” won’t disappoint.

Steve Vogel instead pulled up an old story (2-3 weeks ago) about County Auditor Michelle Anderson and her misuse of County funds.  Nice story Steve, but why now?  Going with the theory “If you don’t have anything nice to say . . .”?  Congrats, you can keep your job.  A real editorial on Renner never would have made it to print.

Vogel did broach the meeting with one sentence.  He feels sorry for Alderwoman Painter who sits between Renner and Stearns.  Normally, media spins the truth with many paragraphs of bull.  Obviously Vogel couldn’t even come up with that.


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