Pantagraph’s Vogel wimps out Update!

Not a beep!

4 thoughts on “Pantagraph’s Vogel wimps out Update!

  1. That one would be hard for them to concoct!
    “A man’s got to know his limitations”- Dirty Harry Callahan

  2. A lot more people would actually pay for the Pantagraph if they did a little bit more investigative reporting,

    1. That is a good point Hoover! Unfortunately most of the Lame-stream controlled media today does more to create the news then to report it!

  3. Still,,,the Pantagraph building is for sale, lease, or whatever. People have wised up to the lies, the spin, and the “ignore it if you don’t build it, and they won’t know about it” mentality. Then the George Goebbels famous quote, “If you tell a lie often enough it becomes truth.” Goebbels ignored the wisdom which teaches us about the boy who cried wolf as it might have sent him to the gulag. Then as of now, if you don’t go along with the agenda, you won’t have a job.

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