Good news government

by:  Diane Benjamin

I have to congratulate the Ellsworth Fire Department.  They are building a new fire station without raising taxes, they also badly need it.  Their old building isn’t tall enough to accommodate modern fire engines.

Yesterday the department held a pancake and sausage  breakfast in Ellsworth.  They hoped to raise a couple thousand dollars to help the department handle routine expenses.

They are also holding a gun raffle:

ELLSWORTH — The Ellsworth Fire Department is once again partnering with Willey’s Sports Center and WNSX for the fourth annual Ellsworth Fire Department 31 gun raffle.

There will only be 1,000 tickets available for sale. Tickets are $20 each. Every day in the month of May, a gun will be raffled. A list of guns is posted on the raffle ticket. Each day a winner is picked, that ticket gets returned to the mix and could possibly be chosen again. By purchasing one ticket, buyers really get 31 chances. Tickets are available at Willey’s Sports Center and the Ellsworth Fire Department.

For more information, contact the Ellsworth Fire Department at 667-8666.

This is a volunteer department, just like many others out in the country.  I asked if they were being fiscally responsible, they prefer to call it getting by on what they have.

One guy wanted me to tell you they are more than happy to take donations – especially fire trucks.  The Arrowsmith Fire Department got for $1, seems like some envy going on!

The Department has a Facebook page with pictures from yesterday.  The page also honors fallen first repsonders around the country.  It’s humbling knowing volunteers are just a call away.  Thanks for keeping us safe!





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