Pay to Play okay if nobody prosecutes

by:  Diane Benjamin

If you own a business in Bloomington:  Hurry down to City Hall and stake out a spot to display your products.  Mayor Renner thinks is okay and so does State’s Attorney Jason Chambers.  Even though the Illinois Constitution says Public Property can ONLY be used for Public Purposes, it’s not a crime if the people pledged to enforce the law won’t.  Not surprising since making waves and going against the elitists isn’t good for upward mobility.

I’m talking about the Art Gallery Renner opened in his office.  At the February 24th City Council meeting, Renner made this announcement:


Mayor Renner even signed the consignment sheets with prices listed for each piece:

Artwork consignment sheets

Total sales price for all the artwork is almost $20,000!

It gets better though – at least one of the artists with a painting in the Mayor’s office is a campaign contributor!   This is from the report filed with the State by the Renner campaign:


The Bloomington Assessor’s office needs to measure the wall space used by these paintings and send bills to the artists.  It’s not legal to conduct business or advertise on exempt property!  The artists need to pay property taxes on the wall space used.  If the Assessor won’t bill them, maybe the Illinois Department of Revenue will be interested.

The Pantagraph did a story to provide Renner cover on March 24th:

A quote form Marlene Gregor didn’t do much to help though:  “privilege for the artist to say they had a piece of art in the mayoral office.”

From the pictures of the mayor’s office in the Pantagraph – he has lots of room to set up displays for area businesses.  Hurry and get your spot today!

You might want to take a check along though.  It’s possible that a campaign contribution will be required.  Get a receipt.

Any wonder why the citizens think our government is corrupt?






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  1. How about an advertisement for septic cleaning service in the mayors office? Might that be more appropriate and acceptable by web staff?

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