Renner emails – very educational

by:  Diane Benjamin

I obtained a LOT of information today under the Freedom of Information Act.  It could be a never-ending source, but I will just hit some high points.  Interesting how the City redacted information that shouldn’t have been, but left in personal information concerning the health of Aldermen and spouses.  I doubt they would appreciate the City sending it.

Evidently, disagreeing with the Mayor isn’t allowed.  Here is an email Mayor Renner wrote to Alderwoman McDade after she voted NO on the $10 – million bond for roads.  I’m assuming here that was the vote in question since nothing else controversial happened at the 8/12/13 meeting.  Is this a lead-up to why she quit the Council?  The emails sound like David Hales was against the bond while Renner was for it.


6 thoughts on “Renner emails – very educational

  1. Wow, so the illustrious Mayor expected her to vote for the bond because Hales was voting against it, and he thought she would vote against it as a pay back because of something Hales did to her in the past? That really says a lot about Renner’s integrity and they way he thinks and kudos to the former Alderman McDade for not playing games with her vote.


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