Connect Transit – Problem identified

By:  Diane Benjamin New Orleans has a population over 391,000 people. See the minutes from January of this year – PDF page 4: Connect has a lady who moved here after Hurricane Katrina advising them on bus service.  She evidently thinks she should have the same level of service here she had in New Orleans.  […]

Renner emails – very educational

by:  Diane Benjamin I obtained a LOT of information today under the Freedom of Information Act.  It could be a never-ending source, but I will just hit some high points.  Interesting how the City redacted information that shouldn’t have been, but left in personal information concerning the health of Aldermen and spouses.  I doubt they […]

Bloomington Alderman Jennifer McDade RESIGNS

by:  Diane Benjamin Jennifer McDade is quitting the Bloomington City Council for “personal reasons”.  Her petitions were challenged when she ran in 2013 and enough of them were ruled invalid to get her off the ballot.  She spent THOUSANDS appealing the decision and won at the next level – then won the election. Now she […]

Fly on the Wall – McDade

McDade admitted on radio she spent around $20,000 to get back on the ballot for City Council after she was kicked off for not filling out petitions properly.  Now she is loaning her campaign $32,000! Contributed By Amt Received By Desc Vendor Name Vendor Add McDade, Jennifer 206 FleetwoodBloomington, IL 61701 $500.00 8/22/2008 Individual Contribution […]

Vetting John Hanson-the record

This site will end without your support.  Click here to contribute:   All votes can be accessed at the City of Bloomington website John Hanson’s last meeting was 4/25/11. Below is a summary of votes from January 2009 until Hanson left the Council.  A majority of all votes taken are unanimous,  below are the votes […]

Fly on the Wall – Jennifer McDade (Update)

I hear Jennifer is very upset her petitions are being challenged. Evidently following the law doesn’t matter – things like putting the correct date for the election on the petitions aren’t important.  Pretty sad an elected official doesn’t even know the right date!  How smart can she be? Funny, Jennifer tried her hardest to keep Judy […]

UN Flag Still an Issue

Update:  I’ve now learned the replacement flag was purchased by a citizen, not the City. by Diane Benjamin Numerous citizens have asked the Bloomington City Council to remove the UN Flag from the Council Chambers.  They have refused to openly discuss the issue, but privately they email each other. Here’s how they feel about the […]