Fly on the Wall – Jennifer McDade (Update)

I know all - I see
I know all – I see all
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I hear Jennifer is very upset her petitions are being challenged. Evidently following the law doesn’t matter – things like putting the correct date for the election on the petitions aren’t important.  Pretty sad an elected official doesn’t even know the right date!  How smart can she be?

Funny, Jennifer tried her hardest to keep Judy Stearns from being seated after she WON her last election.   Jennifer thinks she should get a free ride to run for re-election, but an actual winner shouldn’t be seated – even when wrongly accused.  Has she appointed herself Bloomington Council Queen?

But then, law and facts don’t really matter – to some.  Can anybody say “Goodbye Jennifer”!


Yes we can!  Jennifer was defeated on her challenge today in court.  Not following the law does have consequences.  It is important to put your Ward Number on the petitions and the right date.  If you want the responsibility of government, at least learn the law.  She plans to appeal.

UN FLAG really bites!

4 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall – Jennifer McDade (Update)

  1. The ONLY way McDades pettion will be found invalid is if enough people call the Bloomington Election commisson and insist that the law be followed and Ms. McDade be held accountable for her not following the rules.

  2. The hearing body on the legality of McDades pettions will consist of :Judy A. Green, Chairman, Esaw Peterson, Vice Chairman John (Jack) Reidy, Secretary. The hearing will be held this coming Monday at 9:00 am Room 403 McLean County Government Center. If you care about pettions being properly submitted according to the law, you should contact these commisson members or better yet go to the meeting and let your voice be heard. The Pantagraph so far has not published the meeting info, it is only posted on the Bloomington Elections Commission website under the news section.

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