Congrats to the GOP

Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, and all other Republicans In Name Only:

You have been defeated by a Community Organizer!

“Revenues” mean “taxes” instead of growing the economy to produce more taxable income.upside down flag

“Fair Share” means “tax the rich” some undetermined amount.   The citizens paying no income taxes believe the rich can afford more.

“Investments” in schools, police and infrastructure mean “more taxes”.

“Conservative” mean obstructionist.

“Deficits” mean “nothing to worry about now”

“Tax loopholes” mean “cheating” on your taxes.

“Class Warfare” is acceptable policy

“Socialist” means being “social” on Facebook.

“Communism” means everybody is equal.

“Capitalism” has destroyed the country.

“Lies” told often enough become the truth.

“Executive Orders” are perfectly legal and never challenged.

“Green Technology”, no matter the cost, can save the world.

It official!  The GOP, like Congress, is completely immaterial.

It’s also official that America’s best days are LONG gone.  The citizens failed to protect our fore-father’s legacy. staff


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