What Cantor’s loss means – without the spin

by:  Diane Benjamin Eric Cantor is the first Majority Leader in history to lose his seat in a Primary. The winner, David Brat was not supported by any national TEA Party groups. Brat raised around $200,000, Cantor over $5,000,000.  Money obviously doesn’t matter. How did Brat win?  By conveying a common sense message to the […]

Does the GOP ever do any thinking?

by:  Diane Benjamin The American people aren’t really interested in immigration reform, not when the country has so many other problems.  In poll after poll, immigration is way down the list – Amnesty NEVER makes the list unless you are a progressive Democrat. The NSA is collecting massive amounts of data and turning the United […]

Congrats to the GOP

Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, and all other Republicans In Name Only: You have been defeated by a Community Organizer! “Revenues” mean “taxes” instead of growing the economy to produce more taxable income. “Fair Share” means “tax the rich” some undetermined amount.   The citizens paying no income taxes believe the rich can afford more. “Investments” in […]