Does the GOP ever do any thinking?

by:  Diane Benjamin

The American people aren’t really interested in immigration reform, not when the country has so many other problems.  In poll after poll, immigration is way down the list – Amnesty NEVER makes the list unless you are a progressive Democrat.

The NSA is collecting massive amounts of data and turning the United States into a police state.  The IRS is persecuting enemies of the current administration.  Regulations are strangling the economy.  ObamaCare is turning the workforce into part-time employees.   The GOP must appreciate what our government has turned into, because they are only giving lip service to following the Constitution and forcing the Obama administration to do the same.

Instead, the GOP is deep in reforming our immigration policy.  Senator Rubio destroyed any hope of higher office, now he’s back pedaling trying to justify alliances with Democrats plotting the countries destruction.  Worse, the GOP doesn’t see what it right in front of them.

On July 15th there will be a March for Black jobs in Washington DC.

A large majority of blacks vote Democratic.  Why is hard to comprehend since their plight has not improved and the inner cities have declined under complete Democrat domination.

On legalizing illegal immigrants they are standing up – STANDING UP TO THE DEMOCRATS!  It wasn’t the GOP pushing immigration reform, they just jumped on the bandwagon believing it would get them votes.  Here is their REAL chance to get votes.  Stand up for the rights of citizens instead of illegals.  Use your brains GOP.  Why are they marching?  Because legalizing millions of people with low skills and limited education makes their job prospects even more dismal than it is now.  Black unemployment is already way too high, black youth unemployment is catastrophic.

Will the GOP see who is marching right in front of them?  American citizens who want jobs, want hope, and want a future?  Probably not.  Brains isn’t a qualification for holding office in DC.

2 thoughts on “Does the GOP ever do any thinking?

  1. In America, you need a photo ID for everything. Cashing a check or buying alcohol or signing up for welfare, disability or food stamps or buying a plane/bus/train ticket: photo ID please. To vote: no photo ID required.
    Photo ID to vote = racism.
    Photo ID to get public assistance = no racism.
    Photo ID to buy alcohol = no racism.
    Photo ID to cash a check = no racism.
    Photo ID to buy a plane/train/bus ticket = no racism.
    Driver’s license w/photo to buy and drive a car = no racism.
    Poor people receiving public assistance will always vote for democrats, so they won’t lose their public assistance. Of course it’s getting to the point that there’s no difference between republicans and democrats. A lot of people are saying that the republicans and democrats will merge into one political party and frankly that would not surprise me. Republicans like Boehner and McCain always back down and gives into Obama and the democrats. A lot of members of both chambers of congress have been in office so long, they seem to have become best friends over the years. If you’ve ever noticed, they tend to play golf with each other and attend special events together without fighting or arguing. They argue only in front of the cameras because it is an “act” for We The People!

  2. The fools do not understand that “there is no honor among thieves.” All of the willing participants in District of Criminals will go down with the rest, if the rest really. actually, go down. But as WE know, more people are waking up every day as they are sick and tired of the unnecessary atrocities.

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