Does the GOP ever do any thinking?

by:  Diane Benjamin The American people aren’t really interested in immigration reform, not when the country has so many other problems.  In poll after poll, immigration is way down the list – Amnesty NEVER makes the list unless you are a progressive Democrat. The NSA is collecting massive amounts of data and turning the United […]

GOP Senators Join with Gang of 8 to Create Fig Leaf Amendment; Bill Would Still Increase Unemployment and Decrease Wages

From Numbers USA: Nearly every piece of major legislation has that one amendment that can help decide the fate of the bill. The Corker-Hoeven amendment announced yesterday is the amendment that could help determine the fate of the Schumer-Rubio-Obama amnesty bill, S.744. We must do all we can to defeat this amendment! What does the Corker-Hoeven amendment […]

Immigration reform hoax

by:  Diane Benjamin 1)  We wouldn’t have an illegal immigration problem if the Federal Government did their Constitutional duty to protect the borders. 2)  We wouldn’t have an illegal immigration problem if states would not declare themselves sanctuaries. 3)  We wouldn’t have an illegal immigration problem if public utilities were mandated to refuse service to […]

The Progressive Approach to Immigration Reform

by Diane Benjamin It’s very easy to know what President Obama is going to do next.  A few weeks before he speaks, all the left wing groups send out the same message.  This week it’s immigration reform, leaving out the word “illegal” of course.  No talk of securing the borders, just amnesty because “we can’t […]