Immigration reform hoax

by:  Diane Benjamin

1)  We wouldn’t have an illegal immigration problem if the Federal Government did their Constitutional duty to protect the borders.

2)  We wouldn’t have an illegal immigration problem if states would not declare themselves sanctuaries.

3)  We wouldn’t have an illegal immigration problem if public utilities were mandated to refuse service to non-legal residents.

4)  We wouldn’t have an immigration problem if E-Verify was required and employers who hired illegal aliens suffered stiff penalties.ill

5)  The law currently under consideration exempts illegal aliens from ObamaCare.  Illegals will be hired over citizens because employers won’t be subject to the ObamaCare law.

6)  We wouldn’t have an illegal immigration problem if we had a well written guest worker program that included going home.

7)  The current unemployment rate is 7.6%

8)  The current unemployment rate is 11.4% based on the number of people who worked in 2008.  Millions have quit looking for jobs.

9)  Blacks have an even higher unemployment rate.  Unskilled illegal immigrants will hurt them the most.

10)  The Senate bills hands all illegals green cards immediately – the border is not closed

11)  Schools are forced to educate the children of illegals even as they can’t afford to educate citizens.

12)  The number of illegal immigrants is not known.  It is estimated between 12 and 20 million people.  NSA can’t figure it out?

13)  Every other country in the world protects it’s borders with harsh penalties for illegal entry.

14)  Many of the illegals (an estimated 40%) have overstayed visas.  DHS has no ability to track them.

15)  Many who overstay visas are from countries with links to Al Qaeda.  (remember 9/11?)

15)  Not all illegals want permanent status.  Some come for jobs and then return home.

16)  The current bill will be between 800 and 1000 pages.  Does anybody believe nothing is hidden in the bill?

17)  Obviously illegals who have broken the law have more rights than citizens in the eyes of DC politicians.

18)  Parts of America are now posted as “too dangerous” for Americans because of illegal border activity.

19)  With chain migration, the current bill could lead to 34 million more immigrants over the next 10 years.

20)  The current bill weakens border security and pushes open borders.


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