Connect Transit – Problem identified

By:  Diane Benjamin

New Orleans has a population over 391,000 people.

See the minutes from January of this year – PDF page 4:

Connect has a lady who moved here after Hurricane Katrina advising them on bus service.  She evidently thinks she should have the same level of service here she had in New Orleans.   Yes, Bloomington-Normal, population 129,107, needs to operate just like New Orleans.

Connect Transit also a problem getting Trustees to show up for meetings!

Last year out of 11 meetings, Trustee Jennifer McDade missed 7.  This year, out of the two minutes posted, she only attended one meeting.

In April of last year 3 Trustees were absent

May shows three absent

June shows two absent

July one

August two

September three

October three

November shows two absent

They only have SEVEN Trustees.

In January, February and March all seven attended.

It looks like Mike McCurdy is the only guy to attend every meeting.

See the Trustees here:

Check this out:

Judy Buchanan
Representing Bloomington
Appointed: July 2009
Expires: June 30, 2021

Judy isn’t the only one with a long appointment.

Maybe if Trustee terms were shorter and members were changed more often, Connect would be more fiscally responsible.

Maybe that’s why they aren’t!










4 thoughts on “Connect Transit – Problem identified

  1. Not only does Nola have triple the population, but they have a huge tourism industry that uses/supports public transportation. (Been there, used it.) Lane

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  2. Even the Trustees are not committed to (Dis)Connect Transit. This is a joke (at our expense)! However, these Trustees and I agree on one thing, we don’t care for Connect Transit or think its worth our time and engagement.

  3. We go to New Orleans on vacations and there is no comparison from there to Bloomington Normal. The streets are covered in people at all times of day and night. People, cars, buses, trolley cars, bicycles, cabs, Uber’s, bike shuttles, horse drawn carriages you name it they have it. No bike lanes. Streets and sidewalks only. The buses and trolley cars are packed. People use public transportation because there is no parking spots or it is to congested to get around in a car.

  4. Mccurdy the perfect communist…controls media and public funds. He and McBride are the dynamic duo of tyranny!

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