UPDATE: Comment Rules

If you comment and it doesn’t appear, occasionally some comments go to SPAM.  Email me and I will check it.  It happened this weekend to a frequent commenter.



Lately a few people have claimed they have a RIGHT to comment on this site.

So, here are the rules:

It’s my site and I make the rules!

If you don’t like it, start your own blog.

The last thing I want is for every reader to agree with me.  If you can’t make a coherent argument in opposition without attacking me personally, chances are I either won’t post your comment or post it just for laughs.

Actually, there are very few comments I don’t post.  Only two readers are permanently banned.  One can’t write without vulgarity and personal attacks.  The other has no connections with this area but thinks she is an expert on everything.  I do save all their comments though for future reference.  Comments that don’t contribute to the conversation aren’t worth posting.

Just for fun, here’s the short list of things you wouldn’t know without BlnNews:

  • Connect Transit’s massive losses
  • Coliseum theft-the City would have resigned CIAM without my lawsuit
  • Wire Transfers weren’t approved by the City Council-the pension spiking was hidden
  • The water tower in Normal has never been used
  • Number 5 Fire Station has never been used
  • Tom Hamilton is happily retired drawing a pension of more than $10,000 a month
  • The Council continues to hide minutes of evaluations for past City Managers
  • The last Bloomington elected Council members took an illegal oath of office
  • Tari’s PCard abuses and plane tickets for girlfriend to Japan
  • Pepsi Ice Center naming rights expired long before the City admitted it
  • FOIA and Open Meetings Act laws are sometimes immaterial
  • There are no penalties for government when they violate the law
  • District 87 handing out propaganda to students
  • Payments and other government business the media fails to report
  • Government frequently hates Watchdogs

I’m sure there is a ton I have forgotten – I’ve done over 5000 posts since April 2012.  I’ve got some fantastic sources that have allowed me to break news like Matt Sorensen being charged and State Farm leaving downtown.  I do get some good anonymous tips too, as long as I get enough information to pursue it I do.  (maybe one this week)

Since nobody if forced to read, if you don’t like my rules I don’t care.

I really appreciate the people who contribute every month, they must think BlnNews is worth it.




19 thoughts on “UPDATE: Comment Rules

  1. People do have a right or freedom to respond to your articles just as you have a right to choose whether or not to post the comment. Here’s the thing, RIGHTS are attached to responsibility and have consequences.

  2. I agree, Diane! Bottom line, the local media has sold out to the elites in government and their agenda. Present company excluded, there’s no voice in BN for those honest folks that pay their bills, obey the rule of law, and believe that government works for us, not for themselves and their pals. Bravo, Diane! You deserve this victory lap.

  3. Civics 101: Freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free excercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of the people peacefully to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
    The guaranteed RIGHTS we enjoy are that GOVERNMENT shall not infringe on ones freedom of speech. An individual peacefully can.

  4. Thanks for all you do Diane! We’re so lucky to have you do the hard work of getting the facts and blogging them for us.

  5. Diane is really our only backstop against Banana Republic type criminality and corruption in McLean County governmental units. She is both a gem and a treasure!

  6. Indeed and thank you . the corruption of chicago has headed to take over the rest of small and mid town life with its dumb down liberism and spend it like it’s stolen ( because taxes are legal theft ) attitude . they cut the budget on reguular dauily needs , push expensive buracracy and pay , perks and pensions , and try to fill a party based agenda . we should of had you for city manager as the boobs in charge and the prior clown failed as a watch dog and the city many times over . I am a republican conservative who respects the constitution , life liberty , an feel business and free enterprise need fewer fees , and government interference and so do its citizens . I will say i got kicked out of the bloomington news group , for asking why a comment to a post got deleated , and got a reply i was bitching back and excommunicated with bye bye , is it news for an answer . rude and not very nice , and though i know mark , i’ll not ask to be back .folk are not civil any more or don’t feel the need to answer a simple answer to a honest query . .. .

  7. Interesting you regularly bash the Pantagraph for selective printing of letters to the editor.

    Seems Hypocritical.


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  8. B-N has been heading down the socialist craphole for years. You and your readers are on target, but too little too late. The state of illinois supports them.

  9. You are the ONLY source of news in the area anyone should trust! The Rag is only good for road closures and obits,everything else is garbage, well maybe not garbage since I get alot of laughs reading about Tari and his gang of thieves

  10. Diane, of course you have the “right” to censor. It’s your blob (yes, blob), your private property, and that’s the Capitalist way. Abraham Lincoln warned about capitalism, but then again, you probably prefer Jeff Davis. I hope, in the words of Sarah Ogan Gunning, we can “sink this capitalist system in the darkest pits of hell.” Amen, hallelujah.

    1. Wrong, Roy. Lincoln warned about UNFETTERED Capitalism. Without Capitalism, without profit, you’d have no way to vomit your opinion on the Internet. You’d be scratching your opinion in the dirt with a stick. Plenty of places who’ve “sunk this capitalist system”….and we’d be happy for you to move to one.

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