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By:  Diane Benjamin

The horrific State policies that led to people fleeing Illinois are now local.  Government must have more and more of your money because they have more and more things they MUST do.

Actually, those things don’t need to be done, but progressive Democrats need to control your life because they are so much smarter than you.  Local people are no longer allowed to just live their life, chances are inspectors from the City of Bloomington will pay you a visit for some perceived violation of City Code they suddenly discovered when it hasn’t been enforced for decades.

I saw pictures on-line of a boat dock at Lake Bloomington the City started destroying and never finished.  That’s how progressive government works.  They involve themselves in everything and end up doing nothing well.  Every additional dollar they steal from you is a dollar less you have to spend.  Tax revenue will continue to decline because of it.

It was really nice of the City to devote an entire web page to all the tax increases going into effect on May 1st.  Of course, they even screwed it up:


14 thoughts on “Tax Tax Tax

  1. Increasing the fees are bad enough but the annual 3% increase is offensive. That automatic increase is tied to annual increases benefits for employees.

      1. No—this way no one has to address the inflated cost of living increases, gold plated Healthcare, pension spiking…on and on.

      1. Public Works Union is 2.75% this year down from 3% for the past decade. There is a clause allowing them to renegotiate their 2 year contract after 1 year. The gold plated healthcare premiums increased by 6%. Facts matter!

      2. Wrong public works increase is 2 percent. It’s been ten years since public works got a 3 percent increase. Plus they agreed to exclude spouses on healthcare after this year

      3. FYI—Pension spiking is written into their contract. Only spouses who are not covered by healthcare insurance have been removed from City’s coverage. The healthcare premiums rose by 6% for all employees not just those in unions. The Council refuses to bring City employees’ salary and benefits in line with the private sector. Instead, they automatically increase fees annually.

      4. Not having spouses on insurance is saving city 300,000. Thank you public works. Also public works pensions are 98 percent funded. O and over the last 20 years local 699 has went to a two teir pay to save on wages. I know people at State Farm and country who have comparable insurance plans. Local 699 pay 165 a week for just health insurance

      5. Pension funding for Public Works is through IMRF. That pension is 98% funded because of accelerated payments resulting from pension spiking. SF and Country Cimpanies are not the only employers in Bloomington for comparing benefit packages. Saving $300K on annual insurance premiums is nice but that amount is a tiny fraction of the total cost of health insurance premiums for all of the employees.

  2. i wouldn’t put those jokers in charge of a lemonade stand , government is there to promote growth by good policies that allow free enterprise to do it’s thing , grow or fail on it’s own merits , yet thru regulations , subsidizing , trying to booster the environment they create a false unfair playing field . their concern should be wise use of tax dollars , not ways to create use of them .

  3. They need to send the inspectors down to the public works building. Huge cracks in load bearing walls. Roaches in employee break areas. It’s ridiculous

    1. Agreed. Because of frivolous spending by the Council, capital improvements such as fixing existing buildings have been deferred. Shame on them.

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