Property tax bills done

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you are so excited to see what your property taxes will be this year, the bills are now on-line:

No surprise they are going up!

The only way to fight back is to protest your assessed value.  Maybe I will start a side business showing people how.

When you look at your bill it will say how much of it is going to pay pensions.  Yes, you are paying a lot so people can get paid to not work.  In Bloomington especially, you are paying for SPIKED pensions – taxes that could be easily avoided.


10 thoughts on “Property tax bills done

  1. Thanks Diane for the great job you do. Maybe you can fill me in on how Collier County Florida (Naples and surrounding area) can offer service we don’t see the likes of in B/N, ESPECIALLY police protection, and still in have significantly lower taxes. No income tax of course. Our property values are very very similar and the tax is about HALF in Naples as what we pay in B/N. Sales tax is 6.5 down here and the fees and various bureaucratic add-ons to cable, water, and phone are no more, even slightly less. B/N and McLean County is an incredibly expensive place to live especially considering the level of service provided. I wonder why?.?

    Bob Rebbec

    “Peace through superior fire power” ✌🏻


    1. Both Bloomington and Normal pretend to be Full Service cities. Both pay salaries and benefits not available in the private sector and then top it off with pensions. Between cutting the private sector out of all entertainment and overpaying employees, this area is unaffordable.

      1. Actually, Osage Beach does not have a “city levy” on property tax, but as an owner of property in Osage Beach, I can attest that there is property tax. It is MUCH lower than the taxes we pay here in BloNo though.

    2. The Illinois Policy Institute has done extensive reporting on why taxes in Illinois are so high. It comes down to the extreme number of units of government that Illinois has. We have both the highest total number and also the highest per capita. Lots of duplicate and unnecessary work that has to be paid for.

  2. Yes I appealed my taxes on a property and the next year it went up. I explained that I pulled a permit to side the house but eventually could not afford it and there response was well don’t worry we gave you some type of credit to offset the improvements. Guess no one actually went to see if the work was done and just raised the taxes based on the permit. Sounded like no one doing a real job and checking.

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