Rosie’s, Market Street Parking Gargage

By:  Diane Benjamin

This is Rosie’s on Front Street.  Your thoughts?

Have you seen cute downtown seating outside in other cities?   (without the corral?)

These pics are of the Market Street garage the City wants torn down.  They were sent by a reader who doesn’t see what the problem is.  The City did spend money on maintenance, but nothing close to what a new garage would cost.


27 thoughts on “Rosie’s, Market Street Parking Gargage

  1. Sidewalk “corral” in front of Rosie’s is awesome, enhances entire downtown areas with sidewalk dining, coffee, drinking. Parking deck should be retained, not torn down. Time to control expenses and batten down the hatches until Illinois reverses the exodus it has created.
    I am sorry to say that I participated in the exodus several years ago, but I still return to visit family and I still participate somewhat thru real estate tax payments.

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  2. I love the outdoor seating like at Rosie’s and Anju. Isn’t it a city ordinance that they have to be corralled?


  3. Now, now, now…..Rosie’s is one of Tari’s favorite “watering holes”. They have covered for him for years. Therefore, they can do anything they darn well please. That’s how Bloomington runs, now-a-days.


  4. Probably put there so when Tari eats outside he’s “shielded” from people who want to kick his chair out from under him. As for the garage-it’s GOT TO GO , there’s cars parked there and that means REVENUE and we just cannot tolerate that here in Bloomington!


  5. Can you cite when the city said it wanted it torn down? According to the city it needs $1 million in structural repairs to keep it open another 5 years. Do you think it’s worth it to keep throwing good money into bad?


    1. Rich, the correct word is “ replace” the Market Street garage either with a new garage or a bus transfer station. The Library decided they do not wish to participate in that venture.


    2. The city started talking about tearing it down years ago and building the new YMCA there. Man get with the program will ya?


  6. I have seen that sort of outdoor, fenced in seating in a lot of cities. Actually started becoming quite popular many years ago.

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    1. Would somebody tell me why Rich should not be banned again? HE posted the Downtown Task Force plan, didn’t get the facts straight on the $1 million already spent on the garage, and then doesn’t know the document HE posted wants the parking garage torn down and the library moved there with a bus transfer station!

      Rich contributes nothing to the conversation, so why should he be allowed to continue spouting nonsense?


      1. ….because it’s humorous to see you constantly point out his stupidity! Let him keep making himself the fool!!!



    “The Market Street parking garage is a major public parking facility in Downtown Bloomington. The facility will either need substantive repairs or to be torn down in the near future.” Downtown Strategy, pg. 12.

    “The Market Street Parking Garage is in a state of disrepair and is slated for redevelopment by the City of Bloomington. This site represents one of the largest redevelopment parcels available in Downtown and is a great opportunity to kick start development in Downtown.” Downtown Strategy, pg. 24.

    “[Market Street] is one of the most promising sites for redevelopment: the existing parking garage has exceeded its design life span and is falling into disrepair, the site is well-positioned to build on the existing strength of nearby Main Street businesses, and the city already owns the site. The City must view development of the parking garage as an opportunity to support Downtown rather than simply replace an aging structure.” Downtown Strategy, pg. 64.

    “The redevelopment of the Market Street Parking Deck as some kind of multi-use facility could become a significant catalyst. As a library / community center, it could generate more than 1,000 users per day. The City’s financial participation in downtown redevelopment projects is likely expected and is also needed for the library—why not achieve both in a downtown library location? Importantly, the concept has specific support in the Comprehensive Plan. I also participated in the planning of a downtown many years ago which included adding a public library as an anchor, so am aware of and endorse the benefits of downtown libraries. Expansion of the library on its existing site does little, if anything, to boost the downtown and in some redevelopment scenarios could compete against the downtown.”


    1. Thank you for your research. Now Rich can read what you posted. Rich’s understanding is a separate issue.


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