Bloomington Does Comedy!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Sister Cities is spending A LOT of money as I wrote in this story:

Following the law is too difficult for them however.  Sister Cities does not have a schedule of 2018 meetings posted and they have no minutes posted since last June.

I filed a FOIA request for all meeting minutes they have failed to post.  I just received a 5 day extension!  That means either:

  • Sister Cities is busy creating some minutes
  • SC just spends money without having real meetings
  • The FOIA is extended just for giggles

Still claiming an A+ transparency score Tari?

Sister Cities is looking more and more like a social and fun club for elites who don’t bother with laws.

Time to let them fund themselves.

More spending in March for Sister Cities:





5 thoughts on “Bloomington Does Comedy!

  1. Sister cities HAS outlived it’s usefulness! Now we have the internet. I can just email someone wherever. And not spend $1800 flying there with my girlfriend? Besides. What’s wrong with Canada? EH?


  2. You mean other than NOT Margo, who is not and never was a member of the “Committee”. Right Tari? Just another Renner lie!


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