Renner: Trust? Respect?

By:  Diane Benjamin

(Received under the Freedom of Information Act)

See another Tari email below.  Evidently HIS rules only apply when he wants them to.

Mutual Trust?  Respect?  Remember your attack on Alderwoman Stearns?  Can the Alderman express their thoughts without being verbally attacked by you Tari?  Maybe next time you will allow the exchange of ideas!  I assume as long as spending cuts aren’t discussed, you will allow it!  How about including respect and the exchange of ideas on cuts too?

FYI – Stearns didn’t send me the email!  It’s nice to know Tari thinks I’m nasty, vicious, and irresponsible.  The truth hurts.  You are always free to respond Tari, of course emails you think are private are so much easier.

Don’t miss Alderwoman Stearn’s reply.


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