I had hope for Steve Vogel

by:  Diane Benjamin

Saturday Steve Vogel made another attempt at an editorial in what passes for a local paper.  I had high hopes, he almost seem to get it, but alas reality set in.  Vogel failed again to disclose his daughter ran the Mayor’s campaign TWICE.  Why is he allowed to write about the City?

Steve blamed Alderman Fruin for the Brady grant fiasco.  Yep, he takes a lot of blame but Steve’s title “Dig Deeper” forgot to dig!

I love the “transparent government” line Steve, but nothing about Bloomington is transparent!  Have you ever asked why I have a lawsuit against the City and I’m getting ready to file a second one?  Didn’t think so.

Back to the City Council.  You didn’t think to ask how the Brady-Central Catholic-Fruin-City deal has been going on for TWO years (very transparent) and nobody noticed the Fruin connection?  Seriously?  Fruin’s relationship is right on the City of Bloomington website!

Who is really to blame Stevie?  Who made the agenda and put this deal on it?  Think hard buddy.  Still don’t know?

Fruin didn’t do the agenda.  That guy making over $200,000 a year did.  Of course the illustrious Mayor was complicit – nothing gets on it with his official okee-dokee!

Steve, you made no mention of paying $187,500 per acre to add 4 to a 30 acre park.  Even if Central Catholic wasn’t involved, doesn’t that strike you as totally ridiculous?  How much revenue is the City forgoing from those 4 acres if they were privately developed?

How about putting the blame where is belongs:  On the people without a lick of common sense!  (hint:  Renner and Hales)

I’m sure the people crushed by the “temporary” tax increase that isn’t so temporary would agree.





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