Bloomington: TONIGHT

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Bloomington City Council is meeting tonight – Committee of the Whole.  In other words, it’s the indoctrination meeting where no votes will be taken.

On the agenda:  Raising Liquor License and Video Gaming Fees.  The packet devotes pages 38-62 to the topic.

The discussion revolves around User Fees.  Funny how User Fees aren’t discussed in relation to ANY other City subsidized activities – like all the quality of life services provided and paid for by taxpayers.  Where is the conversation on subsidizing some things and slamming other users?  Clue:  Missing.

Also on the agenda is returning to MetCom.  The Council will be told it isn’t possible or feasible.  The packet devotes pages 16-37.  A hired consultant put the report together.  It is full of information the average person is not able to verify.  Spending on communications equipment led to Mayor Renner attacking Alderwoman Stearns during the budget discussions earlier this year.  Will this be round TWO?  Stearns had information the Mayor didn’t want to hear.  Is the presentation just the City’s way of cutting off discussion?  I don’t see any mention on future benefits of returning to MetCom.  In perpetuity the Council is supposed to believe having 1 center would never be more cost effective.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could trust government?  Sure would be easier if citizens believed they weren’t looked at taxpayers as nothing more than idiots with money government needs.





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